Thursday, May 31, 2012


tomorrow is june
and my bday!
that is all.

Friday, May 25, 2012

large calvin and hobbes

you guyssss i've been making new things for my shop and i finished something very exciting!
a LARGE set of calvin and hobbes!!
these guys are twice the size of the original set which makes me love them even more!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

high on thrifting thursday

so harpershappenings has been doing the BEST link up EVER!
it's called high on thrifting thursday or HOTT because, of course.
i've been drooling over all her amazing finds the past few weeks wishing i could make a trip to a thrift store and show off my own stuff and i finally did!!
now enjoy pictures of the goods. 

first off we have the dress. 
i always peruse the dress section at thrift stores even though i'm clearly a skirt and shirt kind of girl.
usually i don't find anything that catches my fancy but this dress won me over!
the bottom is this denim type of material which a jean-loving girl like me seriously cannot pass up!
the top part is a little whackadoodle though so this dress will soon be getting a makeover.
stay tuned for that!

next we have the classic shorts trick.
buy a pair of jeans, or in my case an ugly pair of capris
(hello disgusting Goodwill floor!)
and turn them into amazing shorts that will keep you slightly less ridiculously hot during arizona's brutal summer.

and last but not least, i've been searching stores everywhere for cute scarves to put on my head and found this beauty!
me + polka dots = love eternal

i seriously haven't had this much luck at a thrift store in months.
apparently the thrift store fairies felt bad for being so mean to me in the past and wanted to make up for it!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

escape artist

a couple weeks ago we got a little addition to our fish tank, an adorable red clawed crab!
her name is knives chau and i love love love her!
only problem with our little crabby is that she's so shy.
she only really comes out to play at night when we turn all the lights out but i'm always searching in her hiding spots to catch a glimpse of her.
yesterday was a busy day but i tried to take a peek in the aquarium for little knives a couple times but i couldn't see her so i figured she found a new hiding spot.
later last night i found out where she'd been hiding from me.
we were about to settle down to watch some good 'ol fashion television when i see this big thing on the tile that looks all leggy and sort of like a gigantic spider so i tell Matt to get it.
Matt walks up and FREAKS OUT!
i don't mean he jumped and that was it.
i mean i have never seen Matt freak out to this extent before!
and i have never laughed so hard in my life!
i was so amused with little knives that i let her scuttle around on the floor for a while before i scooped her up and put her back with her sharky friends.
we checked our tank out and figured she's a sneaky little thing and figured out how to climb up our driftwood onto the heater and down the heater cord until she hit the floor.
i have no idea how long she was partying it up in our house before we found her but i seriously had no clue she could do that!
we moved the heater so she doesn't have access to it from the driftwood anymore but i'm still gonna be keeping an eye on her from now on since i've also read  that if red clawed crabs really want to they can swim a little bit.
i have to make sure i protect Matt's toesies from little crab claws.
he is very worried about that now.

Friday, May 18, 2012

whoa nelly

one night Matt and i were having a lovely evening watching Primeval.
if you don't know about this show, don't feel bad or anything because most people don't.
it's very X-Files-esque but british and with dinosaurs.
i know, Matt and i are amazingly awesome.
so anyway, we're watching this totally awesome show and the main girl on it, Abby, is the bomb diggity!
she's all bad A and has a cool accent and a pet dino/lizard guy that is the cutest thing ever.
so as we're watching this show Matt turns to me and tells me he wants me to color my hair like Abby.
and i was like say whaaaaat? you're talking gibberish.
but he was dead serious and after a few weeks of mulling it over, here i am.
blonde hair peek
i love it! and Matt LOVES it! and now me and my puppy are twinners so it feels like it was meant to be.
i'm so glad Matt suggested i do this and i don't even care if people think it was a crazy insane change because THAT'S SO ME! 
i love change! i need change!
for so long i've been boring the heck out of myself and that can't happen anymore.
i've been spending more time exercising and being outside and feeling so much better about myself and about life so this huge change totally goes along with all that.
plus, i think it's funny that i shock myself every time i look in the mirror now!

Friday, May 11, 2012

stress free is the way to be

i stress way too much.
there, i said it.
i'm sure my levels of stress are about 25% due to the fact that i'm a girl and that's what we do but 75% due to the fact that i'm crazy in the head.
i make insane expectations for myself and am constantly adding thing after thing to my to-do list when i know i won't be able to finish it all.
and then when i don't finish it all i'm upset and frustrated and even more stressed.
so i decided i'd like to get all this under control. 
no need for excess amounts of stress in your life right?
life is for fun and happiness and eating delicious junk food and snuggling puppies and playing on slip and slides.
i think the biggest thing that could help with my stress is changing my being trapped indoors situation.
i work from home and since we only have one car that Matt takes to work i am, stuck until he comes back at night and by that time it's late and we usually just stay in.
not having a car limits what i can do outside of the house but it is summer time and our neighborhood does have a pool so i thought to myself "self, you should at least get out of the house and lay around by the pool on the days you're in need of a stress relieving good time."
and that's what i started to do.
laying out
me and kindy have made a couple trips to the pool this week to relax and if during that time my skin decides to turn from pasty white to a more attractive color, i wouldn't mind that too much.
i'm trying really hard to see these little pool outings as something fun to do instead of just another thing to add to my to-do list.
at least once this week i felt myself starting to feel like it was a thing i had to do every single day and therefore i would have to make time for it and that would mean i wouldn't be able to get this and this done before this had to happen and blahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
again, loca en la cabeza.
this is just for fun!
and it's even more fun if Matt gets to do it with me.
this morning he went in to work a little late so we got to lay out and splash around in the pool and then eat breakfast together.
we NEVER get to do that and i loved it!'s to the start of my stress free summer/life.
please send all kinds of stress reducing thoughts my way.

may the 4th be with you recap

may the 4th was epic, obviously.
there was a lot of star wars clothes
and star wars themed food 
including tie fighter hotdogs, yoda soda and chewy cookies
some lightsaber battles and battle wounds
finn lightsaber injury
an intergalactic meltdown
and of course some good ol' fashion laying around and watching star wars movies
in the words of my nephew Trey, "this was the best star wars day ever!"

Friday, May 4, 2012

had to

may the 4th be with you!

we started this amazing holiday off right!
i won the most amazing wife in the world award by getting Matt  a little present!
notice Matt's amazing shirt!
the star wars blu-ray pack! 
Matt is so crazy about the star wars movies that he could never decide which version he wanted to buy so for years and years we just never bought the movies.
well i thought that insanity went on long enough and just went for the blu-ray set.
and he LOVED it!
you can tell because he then posed with it by our wall of star wars goodies that is set up for our partay tonight!
star wars party pics to come later fo sho!

and because i can't leave you guys without a bunch of star wars pics floating through your head 
cute ewok
17 again star wars
scrubs star wars
storm trooper mustache
luke skywalker scott pilgrim
boba fett
atat and r2d2
up star wars
i love you i know
may the 4th

check out our last two may the 4th be with you days here and here!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


why doesn't anything go right...EVER?!?
enjoy some tumblr crap while i try desperately to get out of my funk.
i gotta be ready for a super fantabulous May the 4th Be With You day tomorrow!
oh whale
tiny crab
dolphins and penguin
ron swanson eggs and bacon
googly eyes
shark tooth
i'm not different i'm cooler

p.s.  bonus points to whoever can tell me where the title of this post comes from!