Friday, April 20, 2012

awesome possum

awesomeness from this week!
a puppy through a fisheye lens.
i told you i was addicted.
exercise bike
my new BFF!
we sold our treadmill and bought this little beauty and i am in LOVE!
since i'm lucky enough to have asthma i can't be on a treadmill for longer than a few minutes without almost dying but this baby let's me get a good workout without needing a trip to the hospital.
love love love it!
i won the versatile blogger award from Rachel!
she was so sweet to include me!
if you want to see a super adorable baby then head on over to her blog!
blue planet
been watching lots of blue planet this week and words cannot express how much i love it!
this show can instantly change me from a grumpy gus to the happiest girl on earth! 
boyfriend list
this perfect boyfriend list should be titled Matt list!
he even buys me candy!
 which leads me to my next item...
rolo love
i don't know why stores had to be so mean and start selling candy in mini sizes that makes me want them even more!
there's something about these mini guys that calls to me and makes me want to eat ALL THE ROLOS!
nom nom nom!
this parody video of Fun's song We Are Young is insanely true and hilarious!
and that main singer looks like a crazy Brad Pitt and it freaks me out to the max!
absolute favorite part..."gonna stay at home and watch modern family".
p.s. go to 3:45 on the video.

have a fantabulous weekend everyone!!


in case you haven't heard...


i'm madly in love with these!
it's perfect to keep your phone from making noise against your nightstand or lighting up all bright in the middle of the night. 
my own phone sleeps in the ewok cozy and just loves it!
i'm sure your phone will too!
but then your kindle is gonna be sad that they don't have one, like mine is.
i guess i'm just gonna have to make one for little Kindy to sleep in now!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

breakfast bars

i'm very excited to say i found another healthy breakfast idea for us!
my mom would sometimes make these grape nuts cereal bars for us when i was younger and i always tried to find the recipe since i've been out on my own with no luck and then, finally, I FOUND ONE!
i don't think it's the same exact one but it's super easy and super tasty so i don't mind!
ingredients you need are...
grape nuts bars 2
don't you like that i'm super cheap and all my food is walmart brand?? except the peanut butter, you can't skimp on the important stuff people!
so you can find the recipe i used here but really all you do is boil the honey and pb together for a little bit and then throw everything together.
i told you it was easy!
and then you have these delicious little nutty bars!
grape nuts bars 1
they're a little carby for a ketogenic diet but since i'm kinda dancing on the keto/non-keto line i think they're just right for me on those days i need a little somethin somethin extra in the morning or for a snack.
and the recipe makes a lot!
i cut them into a bunch of bars and froze half of them so we don't eat them all in one week.
next time i think i might throw in some different kinds of fruit and use crunchy pb instead of creamy!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hobbes Stuffed Animal

so i FINALLY finished that Hobbes commission i've been working for-e-ver on and i must say, i was quite pleased with him when all was said and done!
Hobbes Commission 4
he's made with fleece and mostly sewn by machine and stuffed with fluffy poly-fil.
Hobbes Commission 5
Hobbes Commission 2
the stripes, eyes, nose and mouth are felt and all sewn on by hand which is what took the longest.
Hobbes Commission 1
i want to make another one just for me because he is so cuddle-rific!
p.s. Matt got the hint and bought me the olloclip i wanted!
get ready for a lot more fisheye pics from now on!
i'm obsessed!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012


my little sister got ENGAGED this week!!
i am so happy for her and of course i love Michael so i can't wait for him to be an official member of the family!!
sari and michael
and just look what a good job Michael did picking out a ring!
sari ring
man he's got good taste!

downright laughable

so remember how i'm allergic to everything?
and when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING?!
and remember when my allegicness graduated to the next level and just became downright laughable?
beware of the disgustingness of the photo below people.

it seems like every time i spend 20+ minutes outdoors the past couple weeks i start breaking out in hives.
they start out really small, a few here and there on my wrists and then within minutes they'll be all over my arms and chest causing me to have to leave whatever event we are at and rush home to down some allergy meds and coat myself in hydrocortisone cream so i don't scratch myself to shreds.
it's not a pretty picture people.
don't believe me?
this was me last night after taking Padme on a 30ish minute walk.
hives all over both arms.
it was so bad Matt asked me if we had to go to the hospital and Matt is totally against going to the hospital so i knew it had to look pretty bad for him to ask that.
and i haven't told you the craziest part yet!
whatever is causing these hive breakouts is purely airborne!
and i know this because exactly where my sleeve hit on my arm is where the hives stopped.
you could literally see a line where the redness and hives were and where the paleness of my normal skin was under my shirt sleeve.

so...if anybody out there is an expert in airborne pollen or knows of some kind of alien virus that only causes extra cool people to burst out in hideous hives please HELP ME!

Monday, April 9, 2012

my heart will go on

everyone has been posting the cutest Easter weekend pics but sadly, you won't find any of those here.
apparently Matt and i are losers this year and didn't even make baskets for each other or color eggs or anything.
that is so unlike me since i LOVE going crazy for every holiday.
if you wish to see proof that sometimes we're not totally grinchy about Easter check out our funny eggs and rice krispy bunnies!

at least Matt and i did have an awesome date on saturday.
we went to see Titanic!
but not in 3D, no no that makes me dizzy and sick and i like to enjoy going to the movies so we saw it in 2D.
now before you go judging me and saying things like "why would you see it in 2D when you could just sit at home and watch it??"
well my friends, i hate to admit this but, Matt and i had never actually seen Titanic from start to finish before.
i know, where the heck have we been right?
and i am sooo glad i saw it for the first time in the theaters so it was all big and amazing!
and guys, i totally love this movie.
that sounds super girly and stupid but I LOVE THIS MOVIE!
Titanic is one of those stories that really interests me and also scares the H-E- double hockey sticks out of me!
and i was totally reminded of how much i love young Leonardo DiCaprio!
he's so stinking cute! 
and even though the movie is freaking long, i didn't notice at all because i was so in love with Leo, i mean the story.
that James Cameron sure can tell a good story.
only downside to seeing this movie, you'll have Celine Dion stuck in your head for days and days and days and days.

oh and something very interesting i found out when we saw this movie, apparently i look less than 13 years old.
Matt was buying the tickets and the ticket girl asked how old i was to make sure i was allowed to see the movie.
i mean, i've been told i have a baby face and i look younger than i am but 10 years younger?!
crazy.'s a picture with me and my boyfriend Jeremy Renner. 
hottie jeremy renner

Friday, April 6, 2012

iPhone pics

since getting my iPhone i haven't been very good about taking pictures.
i think it's because my phones have always had really terrible cameras and i'm still trying to remember that this one is good!
i'm trying to get better though!
so lately this is what's been happening...

hanging with Sammy
sammy 2 march 2012
sammy march 2012
getting free food at one of our favorite burger places
free freddys
wearing my fave sweater one last time since it's already a billion degrees here
mustaches and tophats
catching my two loves snuggling up
matt and padme snuggles

almond bars

so i went to the doctor this week to see how my whole metabolic syndrome-ness is going.
the doctor made me feel all proud of myself for losing some poundage and being overall a little healthier but i guess i'm still not exactly where i need to be blood sugar wise.
i went there really hoping she would tell me i was doing good and i could get off the medication that makes me nauseous 24/7 and on those really super fun days has me puking but sadly, i have to stay on it for now.
i know i felt the absolute best when we were on our ketogenic diet and i've heard lots of success stories of people who can get off this medication if they stick with this diet but it's sooooo hardddd.
we did it for a good month with barely any cheating and both Matt and i lost over 10 pounds in that one month but you hardly get to eat anything.
well, that's not true.
you get to eat a lot of meat and veggies and dairy but with my lactose intolerance i don't get the dairy part and i'm allergic to a lot of veggies too so it's like taking a very limited diet and making it super duper BEYOND limited.
but i'm determined to find an amazing balance of the keto diet with maybe a little extra stuff to make me not want to throw myself off a ridiculously tall building.
basically i'm gonna try a bunch of new foods and weird recipes to see what i like and what's healthy but tasty enough to keep in my diet long term.
and i'll be posting about it for my own benefit so i can remember likes and dislikes and also for anyone who is interested in eating healthy along with me!

so Matt and i wandered around Trader Joe's this week and found these healthy looking bars called Five Seed Almond Bars.
almond bars
i've been putting off trying them for a couple days now but today i put my big girl pants on and tried them out.
and guess what...THEY ARE DELICIOUS!
they're nutty and cinnamony and probably the best tasting health bar i've tried.
only problem is, we didn't notice they have butter in them until after i had one this morning so no more delicious cinnamon nutty goodness for me anymore.
insert sad face here.
but Matt loved them too so he'll get to gobble up all those bad boys.
and after eating this i decided breakfast bars are totally genius for those mornings you don't want to cook or, if you're like Matt, you're already 15 minutes late to work by the time you head out the door.
 so i searched the interwebz for some breakfast bar type recipes and found some i'm going to try out!
basically anything that can give us a little break from eating eggs every single morning would be nice!