Friday, April 6, 2012

almond bars

so i went to the doctor this week to see how my whole metabolic syndrome-ness is going.
the doctor made me feel all proud of myself for losing some poundage and being overall a little healthier but i guess i'm still not exactly where i need to be blood sugar wise.
i went there really hoping she would tell me i was doing good and i could get off the medication that makes me nauseous 24/7 and on those really super fun days has me puking but sadly, i have to stay on it for now.
i know i felt the absolute best when we were on our ketogenic diet and i've heard lots of success stories of people who can get off this medication if they stick with this diet but it's sooooo hardddd.
we did it for a good month with barely any cheating and both Matt and i lost over 10 pounds in that one month but you hardly get to eat anything.
well, that's not true.
you get to eat a lot of meat and veggies and dairy but with my lactose intolerance i don't get the dairy part and i'm allergic to a lot of veggies too so it's like taking a very limited diet and making it super duper BEYOND limited.
but i'm determined to find an amazing balance of the keto diet with maybe a little extra stuff to make me not want to throw myself off a ridiculously tall building.
basically i'm gonna try a bunch of new foods and weird recipes to see what i like and what's healthy but tasty enough to keep in my diet long term.
and i'll be posting about it for my own benefit so i can remember likes and dislikes and also for anyone who is interested in eating healthy along with me!

so Matt and i wandered around Trader Joe's this week and found these healthy looking bars called Five Seed Almond Bars.
almond bars
i've been putting off trying them for a couple days now but today i put my big girl pants on and tried them out.
and guess what...THEY ARE DELICIOUS!
they're nutty and cinnamony and probably the best tasting health bar i've tried.
only problem is, we didn't notice they have butter in them until after i had one this morning so no more delicious cinnamon nutty goodness for me anymore.
insert sad face here.
but Matt loved them too so he'll get to gobble up all those bad boys.
and after eating this i decided breakfast bars are totally genius for those mornings you don't want to cook or, if you're like Matt, you're already 15 minutes late to work by the time you head out the door.
 so i searched the interwebz for some breakfast bar type recipes and found some i'm going to try out!
basically anything that can give us a little break from eating eggs every single morning would be nice!


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