Tuesday, August 31, 2010

hairssss cutssss and Mockingjay

today i gots me a haircut!
be excited because it's been months!
Matt finally got sick of me wearing my hair in a ponytail nonstop and asked if i would do something with it.
the poor boy wishes i was more girly sometimes.
so i asked my friend Princessa to do it and she is amazing!
she took this beyond boring hair...
and gave me the choppy layers i love so much!
and now i can do my hair messy again!

also, Matt finally finished reading Mockingjay, the third book of the Hunger Games series, so i can officially say that we were both incredibly disappointed.
and the more we talk about it, the more disappointed i am with it.
i'll stick to the first two books thank you.
if you want to know my EXACT thoughts on this book read this...
i don't know this girl, but she gets me.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

i can't stop i can't stop

so Matt and i love love LOVE this show called
Viral Video Film School.
we check every single day to see if there's a new episode that has recorded on our dvr and when we see one we have to watch it immediately or we die.

i highly recommend you waste some time and head on over to youtube and watch every single episode they have on there.
because you will laugh.
and i don't mean "ha ha that was kinda funny" sort of laugh.
i mean this kind of laugh...

note: this video was shot AFTER Matt had already gone on for a good 5 minutes.

and what was he laughing at?
well we were watching the politics episode.
now overall this episode is not the funniest episode we've seen by any stretch of the imagination but skip ahead to 0:48 and that's what threw Matt into his laughing fit.

"that's not how you do that"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

strange but cute. right?

Matt likes to tease me about my strange, quirky habits.

i already mentioned this one in a previous post but...
1. crispy fries are the best!
so i like to pick all the crispy fries out of my basket and only eat them and then switch baskets with Matt and do the same to his.

2. i really only like to drink soda from a can if i have a straw.
not because i'm terribly afraid of germies on the can or anything just because i'm a freak.
3. in a better time, when i was able to eat ice cream like a happy little clam, i liked to eat it with a plastic spoon.
something about that makes it so much more tasty!

4. sometimes i like to keep candy on my desk while i work.
i call them "work treats" and i love them.
they keep me going while i type my little fingers to the bone.
and Matt likes to make fun of me but really i think he secretly loves work treats because i know he likes to steal them!
good work treats include...sour gummy worms, hot tamales, gummy bears, starburst and my personal favorite sour octopus.

which brings me to my next item.
5. sour octopus kick sour worms' butt into next week!
i mean 1 sour octopus equals 8 sour worms plus 1 sour gummy bear!
who wouldn't like that?
they're amazing!
one time Matt bought me a gigantic box of them on the internet and we were sick on sour octopus for like a month.
good times.

6. my favorite pieces of popcorn are the ones that look like this...
bet you didn't think there were different popcorns.
well that's how completely odd i am.
but these are perfect!
minimal kernel junk that get stuck in your teeth and it's fun to suck on the puffy part!
so, just like my fries, i pick through my popcorn bowl and find and devour these babies before moving on to the less appealing popcorns.

yes, i am so very strange.
don't tease me Matt.
i know deep down you think all these things are unbelievably adorable!

Friday, August 20, 2010


betcha can't guess what i did tonight.
did i see Scott Pilgrim for the 3rd time in a week and a half?
why yes, yes i did.
good guess.
is my hubsy a little obsessed?
and it's kinda cute.

and i gotta say, this was my favoritest time watching the movie.
and it definitely helped that the surround sound actually worked!
third time is definitely the charm.
sooooo much goooood stuff.
and who wouldn't with a story line like this?
here's how it goes...

meet Scott.
he's in a band called the sex bob-ombs.
he has a gay roommate named Wallace who's ridiculously funny.
he's dating Knives Chau a.k.a. his fake high school girlfriend.
he finds out that the girl with hair like this...
is at the same party he's at.
and he sees her.
he talks about puck man and is totally awkward.
and now he's madly in L-O-V-E with Ramona Flowers.
he breaks up with Knives and starts dating Ramona and then finds out he has to defeat her 7 evil exes in order to keep dating her.
and the fighting begins.
first he fights the pirate.
then the movie star Lucas Lee.
then his band plays a show and they get invited backstage.
where they find out Scott's ex girlfriend is dating Ramona's ex boyfriend Todd.
and he's vegan and has vegan powers he learned at vegan academy.

and then Scott fights Roxy because Ramona had a sexy phase but he can't hit a girl so Ramona moves his arms and legs for him.
and the Katayanagi Twins show up and they have an amp vs amp battle that is AMAZING!
and then the final battle with Gideon happens.
at the same time that Knives and Ramona fight.
and then Scott dies.
the end.
Scott got an extra life along the way.
and soon gets to battle Gideon again but this time he gains the power of self respect and get this cool sword.
and kicks Gideon's little butt with some help from Knives.
and then everything is over right?
heck no!
Scott has to fight NEGA SCOTT!
but really they end up being pals instead and they're gonna get brunch next week.
then Ramona tries to leave without Scott but he asks to go with her.
and they live happily ever after.


and my two favorites things that are little and don't matter to the story line at all are...
Julie Powers' ability to bleep herself when she swears.
and Scott's hat he uses to cover up his hair when people say it's looking shaggy.
i need a hat like that and i need one now!

so yeah...
watch this trailer
then go see the movie and LOVE IT!

now i have to read the comics like a true nerd would do.
especially since Matt already read the comics and keeps trying to tell me what happens.
i have to read quick before he ruins everything for me!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

we will see Scott Pilgrim with surround sound even if it kills us

so remember when Matt complained to the movie theater when we saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World so we were able to see it again for free?
and remember when we got a bunch of people to go with us to make it extra super duper fun?
and remember when the movie was playing in the same theater as last time and the sound still didn't work?
and remember when i went out to tell the workers to fix it because i'm the best wife in the world?
and remember when they didn't fix it so 10 minutes later i went back out to talk to a manager?
and remember when he said there was a speaker broken in that theater so they could only turn up the front speakers and not the surround sound?
and remember when i told the manager that was unacceptable considering this was our second time seeing the movie and i was going to have to ask for free tickets?
and remember when i took it a step further by saying i didn't want a free ticket to see Scott Pilgrim again but a free ticket to see any movie?
and remember when i made him give the other 10 people in our group free tickets too?
i guess you can say the second Scott Pilgrim trip was a success.
but Matt still wants to see it with surround sound.
i guess we're going to Harkins this weekend.

Matt can't stop talking about/quoting/idealizing this movie.
i got a text today that said "i'd defeat your 7 evil exes i love you so much."
to which i replied "if your life had a face i would kiss it."
and then he said "i'm in lesbians with you."
i have a feeling this is going to be normal text talk between us from now on.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

oh ya know...

so i've been doing well with my new dairy free diet this week.
that was until friday night.
we went to dinner with some friends and even though i asked the waiter about the food and all that good stuff i'm supposed to be doing i still ended up eating something that didn't sit right with my tummy.
then, since i was already screwed for the night, i decided to push myself over the edge when Chase and Amy offered me a brownie sundae.
sooooo worth it!
ice cream, why must you be so delicious yet horrible to me?
but seriously i need to be better.
we're doing ok with our meals at home but i can hardly go out to eat anymore because i don't know what kind of bread they have or if there's butter in something or if something that "may contain milk" in fact actually does contain milk.
it's extremely frustrating.
so i said to myself "self, someone should make a website to tell you what places to go to and what dairy free food is available at that place."
and then my dreams came true.
meet the dairy free site!
apparently i'm now kind of part of the highly exclusive club known as vegans.
except that i'm a carnivore that devours meat on a daily basis.
but the dairy stuff, totally can't partake of that so i'm like halfies in the club.
so my half vegan self was extremely psyched to find this site!
in addition to the restaurant guide it also has recipes and shopping list suggestions and even a milk free blog!
this site is so getting bookmarked.
and i actually tried out the food suggestions last night at Panda Express.
i got chow mein and steamed rice (not fried rice because it could contain milk) and mandarin chicken.
i'm not allowed to have orange chicken anymore so i guess it's pretty lucky that i already like mandarin chicken a lot.
it was quite tasty and caused no tummy aches which makes me smile.
and no tummy aches also means that my new dairy free site is totally legit.
me likey that!

in other newsssss...
Matt waited all summer long for us to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
he picked it out of all the other movies that were released this summer as the one we would have to see at midnight.
so we did...
i thought the movie was pretty awesome!
way better than expected!
so i was a little confused when the movie ended and i looked over at Matt and he looked upset.
during the first 5 minutes of the movie Matt noticed the surround sound wasn't working so he left real quick to tell a worker at the movie theater.
he came back and i didn't notice anything wrong for the rest of the movie.
but Matt sure did.
they never turned the surround sound on!
even after Matt told them to!
and since this ruined the movie for Matt he actually complained.
Matt and i are extremely alike in many ways and one of those ways is our inability to complain to businesses if they make us mad.
like if the wrong food is delivered to us at a restaurant we just eat it anyway.
that kind of thing.
so i was completely shocked out of my mind that Matt was so upset about this movie being ruined by the absence of surround sound that he would actually complain.
but kudos to him because now we get to see the movie again tomorrow night for freebies!
maybe i should get Matt to complain more often so we get more free stuff!

actually, i kinda did that this weekend too!
wow...big weekend for us pushovers to stand up for ourselves!
to make a long story short, a couple months ago i bought a skirt at Goodwill and since i don't try anything on in the Goodwill dressing rooms i just bought it and took it home to try it on.
well it turns out it wasn't what i was dreaming of so i returned the skirt and got the 4.99 it cost back on a Goodwill gift card.
p.s. who knew they had those?
anyway, they said i had 6 months to use it so Matt and i went yesterday for half price day and found this.
wooden fish bookends. complete with bark and everything.
it's just so freaky it's downright AMAZING!
and it just happens to go perfectly in our outdoorsy themed room!
so we go up to purchase this and i try to use that Goodwill gift card.
well apparently the guy who did the return for me didn't know what he was doing because the card showed up with no balance on it.
so a manager was called over and since the last idiot didn't give me a receipt for my return i couldn't prove anything but i was a man about the situation and wouldn't let them force me to pay for my amazing fish that should've been paid for with my gift card.
so i got him for FREEEEEEEEE!
and now i like him that much more!
successful thrifting trip for sure!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the fun continues

so as if not being allowed to eat
ice cream
ranch dressing
pot pies
microwave popcorn
chocolate milk
cheese crisp
sour cream
frozen yogurt
certain breads
isn't bad enough, the past couple weeks i have been dealing with severe acne.
now i thought this was incredibly odd since i've never had acne too bad but as it turns out you get severe acne when your diet changes drastically.
so i now have to use a Proactiv type product because my face has decided to look worse than it did when i was in junior high.
how lovely.

Monday, August 9, 2010

family campout

this weekend we had a super duper fun family campout planned!
but things didn't exactly go like we thought they would.
here's how it went down...

the second we get to the camp ground the boys are ready to hike and they snatched Sari up to go with them.
little Samuel has a mind of his own so he went on his own little walks.
well, more like we would turn around and the little ninja would be 100 feet away walking through the woods.
Matt and i set up the tent and he laid out our sleeping bags and everything.
Christy and Dad set up the mansion Christy bought!
Samuel thought their tent was the coolest thing ever
look at him relaxing!

the boys were completely obsessed with the camper!
we sent them on a wood hunt so we could start a fire and man oh man was that cool!

this is what Matt did when i asked him to show me what he was doing.

and of course, being a boy, Matt had to find one that looked like a gun and strike a pose for me

Samuel relaxing again, this time in a very odd place.
he just walked right in the middle of us and laid down.

Bubba found a gun just like Uncle Matt

why is it every time i go camping there are cows nearby?

Robin Hood Trey

and his trusty sidekick Little John Matt with an eyepatch

Dad and i played some horseshoes

but it was a little difficult with 3 little boys running around stealing them from us

but they turned out to be better than me at the game!

Sari being cheesy

getting a fire going for dinner time.

Mom busting out the Barney napkins i'm pretty sure are from my 4th birthday party.

Christy being...funny? naughty?
who knows.
weenie roasting

Matt keeping Samuel busy.
one cheeto for each hand makes Samuel a happy boy!

but not for long.
Samuel gets burned the first time by putting a flashlight into the fire and holding it there.
Trey checks to make sure the flashlight still works after the whole ordeal.

then we all sit back and relax a little.

until Samuel gets burned a second time by grabbing a hot coal from on top of the dutch oven.
then as if that isn't bad enough, it started pouring rain and we were all forced to take cover under a canopy that Christy brought.
and seconds after this picture was taken Christy realized all the windows on her tent were open and the whole mansion was flooded including beds, blankets, clothes, everything.
Christy and Dad did their best to fix the situation while the rain kept coming and Bubba and Trey saved me from bugs while i sat with them under the canopy.
basically the rest of that night was a total bust.
the kids went to bed as soon as Christy got the tent situation somewhat under control and the rest of us followed soon after.
then i got to spend the rest of the night laying awake.
oh the joys of camping.
when morning came Christy told me she didn't sleep either and we both said we heard Dad walking around for a while after we were in our tents but after speaking to Dad we found out he never left the camper that night.
so Christy and i decided either the cows were walking around our tents all night or a serial killer was on the loose.

anyway...so morning came and we really thought the rain was going to leave us alone and we could salvage the rest of this camping trip.
we ate breakfast...kinda.
Matt and i made pancakes which turned into crepes which none of the kids liked.
but they forgot all about that when Dad started getting the quads ready for a ride.
that's when the rain started again.
it quickly went from somewhat dry to very very wet and very very muddy!
it rained the whole time which just made things icky!
i missed my chance to ride with Matt but when he came back caked in mud i wasn't sad anymore.
getting muddy and not being able to take a shower? no thank you.
but the boys just HAD to do it!

Christy and i passed the time by sitting in her dry van and listening to Tom Petty!
aren't i the most photogenic person in the universe?
i dare say i am.
and we were glad we stayed in there when we saw how yucky Dad got.
he's trying to tell us he's not THAT muddy.
please, he looks like the swamp thing!

and as a bit of comic relief, when we came back from muddy quading we found our marshmallows had disappeared.
where were they?
oh yeah...a squirrel stole them and put them up a tree.

so Sari rescued them

Chelsa and Steven finally made it up to the camp ground during the quading and they made the most delicious chicken tacos for lunch and we ate under the canopy to stay dry.

family photo
after lunch the kids played in the rain.
we could hardly keep track of Samuel.
and then the boys asked us to please shut off the rain because it wasn't fun anymore.
Matt agreed.
and we finally had to make the hard decision to pack up and go home.
the boys, Sari and Mom hid in the camper while the rest of us cleaned up in the rain.
Matt and i got our stuff packed up pretty quickly but it took everyone's help to take down the mansion.
the cleaning crew

taking down the precious canopy that saved all our lives!
Christy is such a genius for bringing that thing!
Dad washing his hands one more time in the faucet that the boys were crazy about.
Dad only got a little wet.
we stopped at the Payson Dairy Queen for one last bit-o-fun before we went home but Trey had murder eyes.
the boys were very upset about having to go home a day early.
but they were all so tired they couldn't keep their eyes open on the way home.

neither could Matt.
he fell asleep in about 10 minutes.

i still think the trip was really fun but if that stupid rain had just left us alone it could've been AMAZING!
i already told Dad we should wait another month and try again.
that way the monsoon season will be over.
it might be a little colder but cold is much easier to deal with than rain.