Thursday, July 28, 2011

nick if you buck

Lucia, these are for you.
all those days we watched these videos over and over and over and laughed our heads off!
no one else will understand the greatness of these videos and that's why you're the best!
wet ones!
Nick, we seriously love you.


on sunday, Dad was scuba diving again so we went out to breakfast and walked on this nice little cliff to see some sea lions and a beautiful ocean view.
San Diego July 2011 100
San Diego July 2011 105
San Diego July 2011 106
San Diego July 2011 107
then we went to the beach because obviously you have to go to the beach while you're in san diego.
we weren't wearing swimsuits but we had to put our feet in.
San Diego July 2011 110
San Diego July 2011 108
San Diego July 2011 113
sinking feet!
San Diego July 2011 114
San Diego July 2011 116
San Diego July 2011 121
Me: "hey Matt run away from the waves so i can get a video"
such a nerd!
San Diego July 2011 124
San Diego July 2011 125
San Diego July 2011 130
Sari and i had to take a picture with the bird statue.
'cause he's fancy.

the trip was short but awesome!

my favorite part: the blue water seafood market and grill!
oh my goooooooodness.
best calamari i have ever ever EVER had!
and the tacos and fish and chips were amazing too!
i haven't stopped dreaming about that place since saturday night.
everyone in the universe should go there when they're in san diego.
mmmmmm calamariiiiiiii

The Happiest Place on Earth

last weekend we got to tag along with Dad, Sari, Steven and Chelsa to san diego for a super quick vacation.
dad was going scuba diving so while he was playing around under the ocean the rest of us got to go to the happiest place on earth.
most definitely not disneyland, i'm talking about MY happiest place on earth.
seaworld totally kicks disneyland's butt!
San Diego July 2011 014
San Diego July 2011 012
San Diego July 2011 021
even though the trainers don't swim in the water with shamu anymore (which is totally lame) i'm still in awe when i see these giant guys do tricks.
then when we went to the up close tank shamu was being so laaaaazy.
San Diego July 2011 077
San Diego July 2011 079
he was just swimming around upside down the entire time we watched and then after we had walked away he started doing tricks.
of course.
San Diego July 2011 024
San Diego July 2011 027
San Diego July 2011 028
probably one of my favorite pictures of Matt ever!
he was copying that starfish.
San Diego July 2011 036
San Diego July 2011 038
San Diego July 2011 046
we were a little confused by the dolphin show too.
for some reason there was more people jumping and spinning and flying around than dolphins jumping and spinning.
San Diego July 2011 054
San Diego July 2011 049
the sea lion show has always been the best!
i just love that little otter!
San Diego July 2011 068
San Diego July 2011 075
Chelsa and Matt were very excited about the kangaroo baby.
San Diego July 2011 080
all the rides had extra long lines that we didn't want to wait in but we did end up waiting for the sky ride at the very end of the day.
Chelsa and Sari rode together without Steven because he's a big baby that won't get on any rides.
there they are!
San Diego July 2011 092 edit
and here we are!
San Diego July 2011 095
it was a great ocean animal filled day and we loved every minute of it!
especially the minutes we were enjoying frozen lemonade.

Monday, July 18, 2011

community weekend

it's funny how the weekends we do totally absolutely completely nothing are sometimes the best weekends ever!
on friday night Matt took our TV up to our bedroom and we spent the whole weekend being lazy.
we watched the entire first season of Community and laughed our heads off!
it is without a doubt my new favorite show.
it totally makes me wish community college was really like that.
ya know instead of just going straight to your class and then straight home afterwards you would actually make friends and do things together.
and did you even know community colleges had cafeterias or dances or mascots?
and of course, i want a friend just like Abed.
one of the best Abed moments of all time is this...
(the first 1:25)
i love him more than words can say.
i think our favorite episode of season one was the paintball episode.
i can't wait until Matt comes home so we can watch more.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

oh snap

Matt is mad right now.
because a certain blogger out in the blogosphere always ruins our favorite things.
the latest thing was something Matt loves and's ruined.
thanks a lot blogger-i-won't-mention-by-name-because-i-don't-want-to-hurt-your-feelings.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Baby-Sitters Club

anybody read those books when they were little? anyone?
no? just me and Christy?
ok anyway...
i'm a babysitting machine this week.
last night i got to babysit the adorable little Finn!
we had a blast together!
oh my goodness i just want to squish his chubby baby cheeks!
we're great friends!
CIMG0419 edit
and i so wish i had gotten a picture of how much he loved our sharks.
he would watch them swim around and try to grab at them and then look at me like "hey, why can't i get in there?"
he is too cute!

then this morning i got to hang out with my nephews for a little bit.
July 2011 004
they are fascinated with the stuffed animal Hobbes i made for Matt for Christmas and also his Bantha, or as they call it "cow".
July 2011 005
July 2011 006
they're getting so big!
i can't believe i used to babysit them when they were babies and now they're all grown up.
it makes me feel so oooold!

like like can lead to love

this song has been stuck in my head all day

Thursday, July 7, 2011

last one

last post about Utah i pinky promise.
just a few last pictures.

Matt driving like 2 hours of the 24 hour trip
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 230
snow still on the mountains in July
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 231
modeling the Indiana Jones hat Grandma gave us
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 232
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 233
stayed the night in Vegas again on the way home right as a huge storm blew through.
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 235
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 236
lucky we were so tired we didn't mind the storm keeping us away from the casinos.
we hit the nearby Denny's for dinner.
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 241
man i love this boy.
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 242
those last 5 hours of our drive felt like an eternity but listening to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on our ipod kept me awake while Matt slept.
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 077
we loved our trip but we're so glad to be home.
i missed my bed and my shower and my sharks and my couch and my tv and most of all my puppy!
she has been super needy ever since we got home but i don't mind it at all since i missed her just as much as she missed me.
puppy kisses!
my puppy and me July 2011


Lucia is married!!
i can't believe my little Lucia is all grown up and married and i got to attend!
after a slight bit of trouble (we couldn't figure out how to get into the temple. yes, we're idiots.) we saw her wed for time and all eternity to the lucky Michael!
so stinkin happy for them!

waiting for the couple to come out of the temple
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 121
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 123
hugging the gorgeous bride!
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 126
taking pics to keep ourselves entertained during wedding picture time.
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 136
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 137
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 138
and then the reception later on that night was so cool!
i love love loved the building they had it at!
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 144
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 145
here's me being a bloggy photographer girl. HA!
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 154
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 155
her dad making the cutest speech ever. totally love him!
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 157
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 164
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 168
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 177
throwing the bouquet
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 184
totally love Lucia's face in this picture! oh boy!
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 188 edit
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 194
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 195 edit
blurry pic but i just love this!
they're going to be so happy together!
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 199
daddy hugs
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 203
when it was time for them to go everyone got sparklers and made a path for them to run through.
such a cute idea!
way better than the usual bubbles that boring people do. (cough ME cough)
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 213
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 214
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 215
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 222
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 223
so glad we were able to be part of their super duper special day!