Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Baby-Sitters Club

anybody read those books when they were little? anyone?
no? just me and Christy?
ok anyway...
i'm a babysitting machine this week.
last night i got to babysit the adorable little Finn!
we had a blast together!
oh my goodness i just want to squish his chubby baby cheeks!
we're great friends!
CIMG0419 edit
and i so wish i had gotten a picture of how much he loved our sharks.
he would watch them swim around and try to grab at them and then look at me like "hey, why can't i get in there?"
he is too cute!

then this morning i got to hang out with my nephews for a little bit.
July 2011 004
they are fascinated with the stuffed animal Hobbes i made for Matt for Christmas and also his Bantha, or as they call it "cow".
July 2011 005
July 2011 006
they're getting so big!
i can't believe i used to babysit them when they were babies and now they're all grown up.
it makes me feel so oooold!


Chase and Amy said...

Finn has his own label on your blog?!

I big puffy heart you. And so does he.

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