Monday, November 29, 2010

i need new lungs

'tis the season to get sick.
i've had this stupid half cold for over a month now but this past week it finally decided to show its ugly face and settle in my chest.
i already have terrible nerdy asthma so this kind of sickness is a big no no.
i can't stop wheezing and taking deep breaths hurts like a mo fo and i have to try not to laugh because it sends me into an asthmatic fit.
so yeah, no bueno.
and of course during the 4 day holiday weekend it just gets worse and worse.
Saturday i could hardly get out of bed because even walking up and down the stairs was too hard on my lungs and i stayed up practically all night because sleeping became too scary.
luckily i have Matt.
that boy did everything he could to make me feel better all weekend.
he cooked for me, he cleaned for me, he rubbed my back, he watched tv with me all night long when i couldn't sleep.
he's the best. be jealous.
but on Sunday it just got too much to handle and we were scared i might actually have pneumonia so we had to make a trip to urgent care.
i got chest x-rays and the doctor said i have bronchitis and if i waited any longer it could've turned into pneumonia because my lungs aren't strong enough to handle the sickness.
i got put on antibiotics and steroids and i have to do breathing treatments every 4 hours.
so this is me.
getting over my sickness every 4 hours.
and i mean every. 4. hours.
Matt yells at me if i don't. in a loving, sweet kind of way of course.
but we're so glad it's not pneumonia and i'll hopefully be good as new in a week or so.
i can't wait.

Thanksgiving Moments to Remember!

welcome to this year's Thanksgiving Moments to Remember.
we have 2 great moments for this year's turkey day starting with...

1. Trey the Gamer
my nephew Trey is 5 years old and ridiculously cute, funny and crazy.
i can honestly say that i've never seen that kid sit still for over 10 minutes but this year on Thanksgiving he sat for a good 2 hours without moving at all.
i bet he didn't even blink.
turns out he's incredible at the game Angry Birds.
i'm talking beating some of our high scores incredible!
as soon as dinner was over he played Angry Birds on Matt's phone until it died and then he played on mine until we had to leave.
i got my phone back from him and he stood up from the chair he had been in for 2 hours straight and we all noticed something.
his little pants were soaking wet!
apparently Trey loves Angry Birds so much he can't be bothered with things like going to the bathroom or telling his aunt Sari she might not want to sit next to him anymore because she'll get soaking wet without even noticing.
yes, he loves it that much.
perfect Thanksgiving moment to remember.

2. Matt Gets All UFC
some families spend Thanksgiving watching heart warming Christmas movies to get them in the gift giving mood and be filled with the spirit of Christmas.
but my family likes to watch grown men smashing each other's faces in instead.
we're just hardcore like that.
but we learned a very important lesson, Matt is not allowed to watch UFC anymore.
it gets him all riled up and he tries demonstrating moves and ends up accidentally doing this.
poor little J.J.'s face with Matt fingers on it.
and poor little Matt who wouldn't hurt a fly so feels extra horribly terrible about this.
he even hates when people talk about it because it makes him feel bad all over again.
which means i better stop now.
still a great Thanksgiving moment to remember!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rvca Sitting

this past week Matt and i got to doggysit the one and only Rvca!
she's ridiculously cute, as you can see.
and by far my favorite thing that she does is play with ice!

it's the cutest thing ever!
and the best part about it is when the ice gets stuck on her beard and i force her to sit for a picture before i take it off!
too funny!
i wish Padme learned how to play with ice from her but Padme is a snobby little puppy who won't play nice with Rvca.
they spent most of the week like this.
Padme here and Rvca there.
or here.

this was definitely Rvca's spot. she claimed it.
but every now and then Padme would lose her mind and they'd be within inches of each other.
and even sleeping near each other.
but never in my wildest dreams did i think this would happen.

that's right, they're playing together!!!
for a good 10 minutes straight those two were friends!
of course it happened after six days of Rvca being with us and they'll probably never do it again but who cares!
and as you can tell Matt and i thought it was super funny!
we could not stop laughing!
especially around 1:13 on that video where Rvca runs right into the tv stand.
we're mean, i know.
but it was amazing to actually see them having fun together!
we're gonna miss that little scoundrel around here.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


only a little over an hour until i stuff my face with all kinds of yummy delicious tasty scrumdiddlyumptious food!
and even though both Matt and i are sick today with sore throats and runny noses i'm still thankful for today!
and i'm thankful for another 4 day weekend!
and the fact that christmas is just around the corner!
we even listened to christmas music in the car today which makes me thankful for 99.9 the holiday station!
and today i'm also thankful for Chase and Amy letting us borrow their Wii so we could play Super Mario Brothers all day long!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Build-A-Bear Tradition

one more post about anniversary weekend and then i swear i'll be done for a whole year.

on our first anniversary Matt took me to Build-A-Bear.
i had never been before but always always wanted to.
it looks like so much fun when you walk by it in the mall right?
plus i'm a total sucker for stuffed animals.
so he took me there and we had a great time!
the workers always ask us who we're making the bear for and when we say it's for us they give us funny looks and it's awesome!
and if you've ever been there before you know you get to put a heart inside of each bear and they make you do silly things with it before you put it in like rub it in your hands to warm it up, rub it on your ear so your bear will always hear you, rub it on your head so he'll be a smarty pants, rub it on your heart so he knows how much you love him then give the heart a kiss and close your eyes and make wish and then stick it in the bear.
this part always cracks me up!
you can tell the workers want to laugh at us while two grown people are doing these silly actions while making a teddy bear but i love it!

here's the bear we made this year!
i think he's so incredibly cute with his little plaid shirt!
we always make a bear and then pick out an article of clothing for him.
and of course all the bears have names.
this new guy is named Luke.
and our other bears (and dog)...
going from left to right we have Max, Toby, Tilly and Luke.
i think Tilly is my favorite.
but don't tell the others, i don't want to hurt their feelings.
just look how adorable and chubby that little polar bear is with that scarf and hat with ear flaps.
too cute!

i love our funny anniversary tradition!
it's quirky and childish and amazing just like we are!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Versary Recap

it totally sucks going back to work after an amazing 4 day weekend.
it makes me go ughhhhhhh!
because our weekend was just so great and work felt so icky after it.

so thurday was 11-11-10 which was anniversary numero quatro.
we didn't really have anything planned except go to dinner at an amazing place because i took some lactose intolerant helper pills all week and i was ready to get my normal people food on!
so Matt took me to Cheesecake Factory!

and i had my first real food in months!
i got some pasta cheesy buttery chicken dish and it was so good i almost died!
Matt got shepherd's pie which sounds like a weird thing to get at Cheesecake Factory but you would be so shocked at the amazingness of this shepherd's pie!
then came time for cheesecake!
even though you're so stuffed after eating your meal at Cheesecake Factory you just can't leave without having dessert.
that would be horribly offensive to the house of cheesecake right?
plus it's so delicious you can't pass it up!
i went with classic strawberry and can i just say yummmmmmmy!
i will have dreams about that cheesecake.
Matt got red velvet cheesecake and hasn't stopped talking about it since.
this thing was like super cake!
layer of red velvet then cheesecake then red velvet then cheesecake then cream cheese frosting with white chocolate curlies on the back.
it made me wish i liked red velvet cake.
and made Matt wish he had bought more than one slice.
it was a fantabulous dinner!

and just in case that wasn't an overload of dairy that i'm not supposed to be eating we finished off the weekend with a LOT of tv, a LOT of movies, a LOT of sleeping and a LOT more food i shoudn't be eating.
can't let those lactose pills go to waste right?
oh, i didn't.
but what i found out is those pills don't help so much when you go on a dairy binge for 4 days.
so sadly i won't be able to have a weekend like this again.
but man oh man it was good while it lasted.
all the cookies, candy bars, chips and dip, ice cream and butterfinger bells i wanted!
it was like heaven.
i even got to lay in a bed the entire time.
thanks to my awesome sister Christy who let us use her air mattress!
it was the best relaxing weekend ever!

oh and i almost forgot about presents.
guess what Matt got!
you'll never ever guess!
the Scott Pilgrim special edition DVD/Blu-ray/Digital Copy with over 17 hours of extras!
we've already watched the movie, the bloopers and the deleted scenes and i know Matt's just itching to watch one of the thousand commentaries on it so i'm sure that'll be next.
that boy just loves him some Scott Pilgrim.

and what did Nikki get?
a 30 gallon fish tank!
i've always always always wanted a fish tank!
i realize this is a lame picture of it but it's the one that was on Craigslist.
i can't take one of my own because the stand is under construction right now.
see how it's all curly and weird?
well we're cutting off those curly weird parts and we're gonna spray paint it and make it look like it belongs in our house and then my precious little tank will be filled with....
wait for it...
possibly with these red tail sharks.
or bala sharks.
i haven't decided yet but i'm psyched out of my mind about it!

i love Matt for getting me a fish tank!
and i love Craigslist for having expensive stuff for dirt cheap so i can have this fish tank!
and i love anniversary weekends!
and i can't wait for next year because it'll be our 5th anniversary on 11-11-11!
something unforgettable has to be done on an anniversary like that!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Matt dream talks

i can never fall asleep at night so sometimes i try to talk to Matt until i feel sleepy.
what i've found while doing this is that Matt will hear me but be half asleep so instead of talking about the same topic he'll say whatever his dream is about.
mostly that includes clowns.
creepy or funny?
i haven't decided.
i tried asking him once what the clown looked like so i could figure it out but the problem with this sleep talking-ness is that he wakes up right after he says something hilarious.
probably because i'm next to him laughing my head off.
this is what he said last night.

Matt: "We should keep a bag of marshmallows by our bed."
Me: "You don't even like marshmallows."
Matt: "Yeah but we could throw them at each other 'cause they're like little pillows."
Me: *Uncontrollable laughter*

i love this boy and his little marshmallow dreams!
i mean come on, who else dreams of throwing marshmallow pillows at each other?

four years!!

four years ago today Matt and i were wed.
some might say i got married too young but i know without a doubt that it was meant to be.

i say that i knew Matt was the one on our 3rd-ish date.
we went to a concert and then when he took me home we stopped at a park and went skimboarding in the rain and just talked and laughed for hours.
he says he knew i was the one on our 1st date.
we went to see Monster House and when we got back in the car i said "11:11 make a wish!"
he stared at me for a looooong time which i took as him thinking to himself "oh my gosh did she really just say that? this girl is so lame!"
but apparently it was quite the opposite.
i guess it was a thing of his to say that on his mission and because of it he made a joke that he would know who the girl was he was supposed to marry because she would say that to him.
how romantic.

2 weeks later we were secretly engaged and another week later he took me to that same park where i fell in love with him and we sat on his skimboard and he made it official.
another 3 months later we were married on 11-11
because it just wouldn't seem right to do it any other day.
i love how he matches my quirky, crazy personality and we always have so much fun.
and of course he's the sweetest boy in the world.
always telling me he loves me and that i'm beautiful.

i don't know how i got so lucky.
happy 4th anniversary to us!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

bye bye Malibu

we sold Matt's car this week.
that's right, we're now one of those couples that only has one car.
Matt is sad.
he's putting on a brave face for me but i know he's missing his big honking beast of a Malibu.
mostly i think he's missing his automatic transmission.
and cruise control.
man does that boy love his cruise control.
but alas, it is the property of a mexican man now.

thank you Malibu for taking us out on dates when we first met.
thank you for taking us on our honeymoon.
thank you for acting like a truck when we had to move our stuff to apartment to storage to townhouse.
thank you for keeping Matt's skimboard safe all these years.
thank you for taking us to phoenix those couple times.
thank you for taking us practically no where else after that because we were too afraid you would break down.
thank you for not breaking down.
we will miss you.

now Matt has to re-learn how to drive stick.
and to not play with things in the car because you actually have to shift and stuff.
and to lock his door by hand because my little car doesn't have a clicker.
and i have to learn how to sit in the passenger seat in my own car which feels icky.
and to not feel trapped when i'm at home during the day since i couldn't go anywhere even if i wanted to.
so many adjustments.

but we'll get over it.
we get a four day weekend this week so that'll make us forget everything!
happy anniversary eve to us!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Costume of the year!

man, i thought our ninja turtle and wild things costumes were hard work but this year's was like 100 million trillion kabillion times more work than those!
Matt and i decided what we wanted to be for halloween in June.
yes, we are weird like that.
we started the making process that month using cardboard which we quickly realized would never work.
we then moved on to a thin plastic material and after about a month of playing around with that we realized that wouldn't work either.
these trial and errors then led us to our third material, camping mat foam.
i know it sounds crazy and when we told people they gave one of those small laughs like they were waiting for us to say "i'm just kidding."
but seriously, camping mat foam.

see the blue?

so after we decided on the camping mat material it was nothing but sleep, eat, work, work on the costumes. sleep, eat, work, work on the costumes.
every single day.
and then the week of halloween came or as i like to call it, the week from hell.
we stayed up every night until 2:00 or 3:00 A.M. trying to finish in time.
Matt did basically nothing but cut and glue the entire week while my life consisted of this.

paint and mod podge.

we were beyond exhausted when halloween eve came.
we were supposed to show Matt's family that night at 5:00 P.M. and we literally finished gluing and adding finishing touches at 5:00 P.M.
we arrived a little late to see them but they all said it was worth the wait.
in fact, everyone said they loved it!
which made hell week totally worth it!

Halloween 2010
Buzz Lightyear and Woody!

remember these costumes are 100% homemade.
that's right, we rock!
my whole body is made of camping mat foam, both our shoes and Matt's holster are made from craft foam and i sewed Matt's vest, my black tummy piece and my hood.
the only things that were bought as is are Matt's belt buckle and the sheriff badge and only because they were like $2.00 on clearance.
Matt's jeans and shirt were bought at the thrift store and we personally drew on all those red lines with a sharpie.
as you can see, Matt and i tried to get everything perfect down to the very last detail.
so of course Woody even had to have a pull string.

and our feet had to be signed by Andy.
we even tried taking famous Buzz and Woody pictures.

i couldn't raise my arms any higher than that but you get the idea.

both saturday and sunday night were full of parties and fun and lots and lots of taking my costume on and off.
good thing Matt was so nice and helpful because i can't even touch my face with all that stuff on.
here's some pictures from parties.

special shout out for the best Juno and Bleeker costumes ever!
so perfect!

Pugsley and Wednesday.
so creepy to see Elba make a scary face instead of a smile.

star wars family and the jolly green giant too!

i also got a picture with a fellow Buzz Lightyear.
we make a great team!

we were asked a couple times for pictures when we were walking around a neighborhood with trick or treaters.
we're kind of celebrities.
no big deal.
and a lady we didn't even know came up to us and told us we should make costumes for a living.
future career? i like it!

now it's two days after halloween which means it's time to start working on next year's costumes.
how difficult do you think it'll be to make a 10 foot tall transformer?
or one that actually has the ability to transform?
because that's what i want to do!
i want to be this guy.
i gotta learn that dance too.