Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Costume of the year!

man, i thought our ninja turtle and wild things costumes were hard work but this year's was like 100 million trillion kabillion times more work than those!
Matt and i decided what we wanted to be for halloween in June.
yes, we are weird like that.
we started the making process that month using cardboard which we quickly realized would never work.
we then moved on to a thin plastic material and after about a month of playing around with that we realized that wouldn't work either.
these trial and errors then led us to our third material, camping mat foam.
i know it sounds crazy and when we told people they gave one of those small laughs like they were waiting for us to say "i'm just kidding."
but seriously, camping mat foam.

see the blue?

so after we decided on the camping mat material it was nothing but sleep, eat, work, work on the costumes. sleep, eat, work, work on the costumes.
every single day.
and then the week of halloween came or as i like to call it, the week from hell.
we stayed up every night until 2:00 or 3:00 A.M. trying to finish in time.
Matt did basically nothing but cut and glue the entire week while my life consisted of this.

paint and mod podge.

we were beyond exhausted when halloween eve came.
we were supposed to show Matt's family that night at 5:00 P.M. and we literally finished gluing and adding finishing touches at 5:00 P.M.
we arrived a little late to see them but they all said it was worth the wait.
in fact, everyone said they loved it!
which made hell week totally worth it!

Halloween 2010
Buzz Lightyear and Woody!

remember these costumes are 100% homemade.
that's right, we rock!
my whole body is made of camping mat foam, both our shoes and Matt's holster are made from craft foam and i sewed Matt's vest, my black tummy piece and my hood.
the only things that were bought as is are Matt's belt buckle and the sheriff badge and only because they were like $2.00 on clearance.
Matt's jeans and shirt were bought at the thrift store and we personally drew on all those red lines with a sharpie.
as you can see, Matt and i tried to get everything perfect down to the very last detail.
so of course Woody even had to have a pull string.

and our feet had to be signed by Andy.
we even tried taking famous Buzz and Woody pictures.

i couldn't raise my arms any higher than that but you get the idea.

both saturday and sunday night were full of parties and fun and lots and lots of taking my costume on and off.
good thing Matt was so nice and helpful because i can't even touch my face with all that stuff on.
here's some pictures from parties.

special shout out for the best Juno and Bleeker costumes ever!
so perfect!

Pugsley and Wednesday.
so creepy to see Elba make a scary face instead of a smile.

star wars family and the jolly green giant too!

i also got a picture with a fellow Buzz Lightyear.
we make a great team!

we were asked a couple times for pictures when we were walking around a neighborhood with trick or treaters.
we're kind of celebrities.
no big deal.
and a lady we didn't even know came up to us and told us we should make costumes for a living.
future career? i like it!

now it's two days after halloween which means it's time to start working on next year's costumes.
how difficult do you think it'll be to make a 10 foot tall transformer?
or one that actually has the ability to transform?
because that's what i want to do!
i want to be this guy.
i gotta learn that dance too.


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