Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Moments to Remember!

welcome to this year's Thanksgiving Moments to Remember.
we have 2 great moments for this year's turkey day starting with...

1. Trey the Gamer
my nephew Trey is 5 years old and ridiculously cute, funny and crazy.
i can honestly say that i've never seen that kid sit still for over 10 minutes but this year on Thanksgiving he sat for a good 2 hours without moving at all.
i bet he didn't even blink.
turns out he's incredible at the game Angry Birds.
i'm talking beating some of our high scores incredible!
as soon as dinner was over he played Angry Birds on Matt's phone until it died and then he played on mine until we had to leave.
i got my phone back from him and he stood up from the chair he had been in for 2 hours straight and we all noticed something.
his little pants were soaking wet!
apparently Trey loves Angry Birds so much he can't be bothered with things like going to the bathroom or telling his aunt Sari she might not want to sit next to him anymore because she'll get soaking wet without even noticing.
yes, he loves it that much.
perfect Thanksgiving moment to remember.

2. Matt Gets All UFC
some families spend Thanksgiving watching heart warming Christmas movies to get them in the gift giving mood and be filled with the spirit of Christmas.
but my family likes to watch grown men smashing each other's faces in instead.
we're just hardcore like that.
but we learned a very important lesson, Matt is not allowed to watch UFC anymore.
it gets him all riled up and he tries demonstrating moves and ends up accidentally doing this.
poor little J.J.'s face with Matt fingers on it.
and poor little Matt who wouldn't hurt a fly so feels extra horribly terrible about this.
he even hates when people talk about it because it makes him feel bad all over again.
which means i better stop now.
still a great Thanksgiving moment to remember!


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