Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Build-A-Bear Tradition

one more post about anniversary weekend and then i swear i'll be done for a whole year.

on our first anniversary Matt took me to Build-A-Bear.
i had never been before but always always wanted to.
it looks like so much fun when you walk by it in the mall right?
plus i'm a total sucker for stuffed animals.
so he took me there and we had a great time!
the workers always ask us who we're making the bear for and when we say it's for us they give us funny looks and it's awesome!
and if you've ever been there before you know you get to put a heart inside of each bear and they make you do silly things with it before you put it in like rub it in your hands to warm it up, rub it on your ear so your bear will always hear you, rub it on your head so he'll be a smarty pants, rub it on your heart so he knows how much you love him then give the heart a kiss and close your eyes and make wish and then stick it in the bear.
this part always cracks me up!
you can tell the workers want to laugh at us while two grown people are doing these silly actions while making a teddy bear but i love it!

here's the bear we made this year!
i think he's so incredibly cute with his little plaid shirt!
we always make a bear and then pick out an article of clothing for him.
and of course all the bears have names.
this new guy is named Luke.
and our other bears (and dog)...
going from left to right we have Max, Toby, Tilly and Luke.
i think Tilly is my favorite.
but don't tell the others, i don't want to hurt their feelings.
just look how adorable and chubby that little polar bear is with that scarf and hat with ear flaps.
too cute!

i love our funny anniversary tradition!
it's quirky and childish and amazing just like we are!


Chase and Amy said...

You guys ARE quirky and childish and amazing. :)

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