Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Trip to Endor

sneaking and playing!
and a little yub nub dancing!

some snuggling!
and, of course, some jumping! Endor style!
from the cutest little ewok couple around!


pumpkin carving this year was so wackadoodle.
we meant to do it with friends but ended up having dinner and partying and never actually got to the pumpkin part of the evening.
then Matt and i were gonna carve just the two of us and between work and running errands and the hectic-ness of life we starting carving pumpkins so late and couldn't give it our all.
oh well, here are the pumpkins!
THE Ron Swanson
and R2D2
no picture of me with my finished pumpkin because it was way past my bedtime when that was taken and i look like a zombie. halloween appropriate i guess but not too pretty.
i was soooo tired that night that i left out some of the detail work i wanted to do on my pumpkin.
people make it look so easy to do the shaving type of pumpkin carving but let me tell you friends it is terribly hard and i gave up a little on the bottom part of R2. sorry little buddy.
BUT...the coolest thing ever happened!
i always think Matt kicks my butt when it comes to pumpkin carving because he's the artist between the two of us but i won second place in Talk2theTrees' pumpkin carving contest!
i couldn't believe it!
i get a prize and everything! i hope it's one of Rachael's amazing beanies! that girl is so talented and i've been dying to buy one for ages!
this absolutely made my halloween! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

tumblr attack!

i know it's been forever since i've written a real honest to goodness blog post and i blame that on my busy busy life and tumblr.
you see, tumblr has stolen my heart.
i don't want to rub it in blogger's face or anything but tumblr is way more my style.
evidence of the awesomeness of tumblr starting....NOW.

beards and boobs

zombie heart
 storm trooper mustache
easy a

calvin and hobbes graffiti
wild things
noodle mummy

see more hereeeeee


Monday, October 17, 2011

f is for flagstaff

we went up to flagstaff, az on saturday to visit my lil sister.
it was super fun and she totally has the cutest little college life.
and the whole time we were up there i just kept telling Matt how bad we need to move somewhere where there's trees and green and the leaves were changing and it's not a bazillion degrees in october.
if i could i would kick Sari's roommates out of that adorable little apartment they were living in and live there myself.
or just get the one next door. maybe that would be nicer of me.
Sari won the best sister award this weekend by taking us out into the forest and taking pictures of us.
most of which are top secret until halloween comes.
oooooh yeah i know you are so intrigued by this year's costume but you will just have to wait.
and we have sworn Sari to secrecy so don't even think about asking her.
i will show you our latest jumping picture though!
first, the failed attempt.
that rock thing we're jumping off of is higher than it looks and therefore we are scared of our landing and are looking down.
Sari made fun of us and made us do it again.
still scared faces but at least we're looking up.
i can't wait to take another trip to visit Sari when there's snow up there!
Sari, start doing a snow dance.

Friday, October 14, 2011


i hate today.
today is one of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days you read about when you're a kid.
you know the ones.
i plan on having an AMAZING weekend to make up for it.
starting with tonight, i will be watching endless amounts of tv and eating things i shouldn't.
then tomorrow visiting Sari.
also, this picture makes me feel better.
the end

Monday, October 10, 2011


i really love April from parks and rec. she's the coolest person on the planet and i wish i was her.
sometimes the things April does are classic Nikki things and Matt tells me she reminds him of me.
 and then i say i wiiiiiiish she's the beeeeest!
but then we saw this and we laughed our heads off because this is Nikki to the MAX!
when i'm in a bad mood i'm the first one to admit it.
i make a list of the things that are making me upset and then say I'M GRUMPY!
i don't know anyone else who does this.
except, apparently, April.
this makes me so happy!

p.s. i started tumbling and i like it way better than blogging.

burrito style

it's starting to get cold at night which means it's time for me to start sleeping with my own blanket.
because Matt is a huge blanket thief!
this is what i woke up to on saturday morning.
blanket thief
somehow during the night Matt rolls himself up burrito style in our king size blanket while i'm shivering away on the other side of the bed.
not cool matt, not cool at all.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


i love finding old pictures. like when Matt and i were dating.
3d glasses
just a couple of crazy kids at the imax theater.

Friday, October 7, 2011

hair and kicks

a couple weeks ago i got a bad haircut and i finally got it fixed this week!
i forgot how easy it is to have super short hair. i love it! and i thought Matt would totally hate it but he's more in love with it than i am.

also, i haven't been able to get the pumped up kicks song out of my head all week.
it's definitely my new most favoritest song in the universe.
and just when i thought i couldn't like it anymore i saw the music video.
me and these guys would be best friends.

i hate the sunshine

this is gonna sound really weird but today i woke up and it smelled like fall.
i'm probably going crazy but it seriously smelled fall-y. or autumn-y. fall-ish? autumn-esque? yeah that.
the weather the past couple days has been very unlike arizona. the high today is only supposed to be 74.
say whaaat?! in october?! that's just unheard of!
usually i'm like Madam Mim.
i hate that dang horrible wholesome sunshine.
do i live in the wrong place?
why yes, yes i do. 
but these past couple days with the clouds and the rain and the colder weather it's been like a dream and made me so excited for hoodies and slippers and caramel apple cider!
i can't wait!!

p.s. that sword in the stone clip made me laugh so hard! i just might have to watch that movie now.