Monday, October 31, 2011


pumpkin carving this year was so wackadoodle.
we meant to do it with friends but ended up having dinner and partying and never actually got to the pumpkin part of the evening.
then Matt and i were gonna carve just the two of us and between work and running errands and the hectic-ness of life we starting carving pumpkins so late and couldn't give it our all.
oh well, here are the pumpkins!
THE Ron Swanson
and R2D2
no picture of me with my finished pumpkin because it was way past my bedtime when that was taken and i look like a zombie. halloween appropriate i guess but not too pretty.
i was soooo tired that night that i left out some of the detail work i wanted to do on my pumpkin.
people make it look so easy to do the shaving type of pumpkin carving but let me tell you friends it is terribly hard and i gave up a little on the bottom part of R2. sorry little buddy.
BUT...the coolest thing ever happened!
i always think Matt kicks my butt when it comes to pumpkin carving because he's the artist between the two of us but i won second place in Talk2theTrees' pumpkin carving contest!
i couldn't believe it!
i get a prize and everything! i hope it's one of Rachael's amazing beanies! that girl is so talented and i've been dying to buy one for ages!
this absolutely made my halloween! 


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Chase and Amy said...

WOOO! Congratulations Nikki! R2D2 looks so awesome! And I love Ron Swanson. You guys are so talented! Sorry we ruined your pumpkin carving night, but so glad you WOOOOONNNNN!!! :)

Shelly said...

That Ron Swanson pumpkin is AWESOME!!!

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