Friday, October 7, 2011

i hate the sunshine

this is gonna sound really weird but today i woke up and it smelled like fall.
i'm probably going crazy but it seriously smelled fall-y. or autumn-y. fall-ish? autumn-esque? yeah that.
the weather the past couple days has been very unlike arizona. the high today is only supposed to be 74.
say whaaat?! in october?! that's just unheard of!
usually i'm like Madam Mim.
i hate that dang horrible wholesome sunshine.
do i live in the wrong place?
why yes, yes i do. 
but these past couple days with the clouds and the rain and the colder weather it's been like a dream and made me so excited for hoodies and slippers and caramel apple cider!
i can't wait!!

p.s. that sword in the stone clip made me laugh so hard! i just might have to watch that movie now.


Chase and Amy said...

I agree with this post, word for word.

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