Wednesday, April 28, 2010

forks, washington is the bomb!

this past week matt and i watched a very funny movie, it is called...
Twilight in Forks The Saga of the Real Town.
just the title should tell you how amazing this movie is!
it'll make you love twilight all over again and also make you remember how crazy people are about it, seriously.
while i was watching i couldn't stop thinking about the trip that matt and i took up there and how we are amazingly amazing trend setters for doing it before everyone else in the entire world did.

the twilight in forks movie was made in 2009 and matt and i went in 2008.
in just that one short year forks became sort of a twilight theme park.
they have bella's truck out in front of their chamber of commerce.

they have signs on practically all the windows and in front of their stores showing their vampire spirit.

they have a whole store dedicated to twilight.

they even have a twilight tour where you can go around and see the buildings they've picked out that most resemble the places in the books.

(thank you girls in the picture who i do not know for the picture i found on google images)

they even have a parking spot reserved at the hospital for dr. cullen.

the place has gone bonkers for twilight and it is so awesome!
they have done so many other things there to make that place exactly what the tourists are hoping for.
heck, they even have stephenie meyer day celebrated on bella's birthday!

when matt and i went to forks all the books weren't even out yet.
i can even guarantee that 50% of forks had no idea what twilight was so our trip didn't have fancy twilight signs and tours everywhere.
we got to see what forks is really truly like.

you drive through the most beautiful forest.

and pretend to be vampires by the most beautiful lake.

do a funny pose in front of the cool forks welcome sign.

drive all through town, seeing maybe 10 people the whole time, taking pictures of places from the books.

go to la push because we are
all the way.

watch matt pretend to be a buff werewolf.

kiss because we love each other.

then go to port angeles and do it all over again!

i won't post every single picture from port angeles but i will say that we did have dinner at bella italia and it was probably the best italian food i have ever eaten in my life!

i would go back to port angeles just to eat there again!

when our trip was over i was so sad to say goodbye to forks and port angeles.

i really do hope that we can go there again sometime and see all the crazy twilighters at their best!
maybe we'll even go on stephenie meyer day!!

but the moral of the story is...
1. matt and i totally started the trend to vacation in forks.
2. we are true twilight lovers because we had a blast even though the place wasn't decked out in twilight stuff.
3. we saw a real vampire and werewolf while we were there. it's true. watch the videos.

(this vampire even came out of forks high school so you know it's the real deal!)

(it is so NOT a pig! it is a giant werewolf! matt doesn't know what he's talking about)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

highlight of my week

well this has been quite a week.
first major thing that happened is matt and i got new phones.
i love new phone time!
verizon was having this smokin' deal with their palm pre plus phone, get 2 for $50 and matt talked me into it.
this phone is so unlike any other phone i've ever had.
i've never had a phone with internet or games or one that exclusively has a keyboard instead of the number keypad.
i didn't think i was going to like it as much as my old one but i do, i so do!

it's super sleek and cute and i love it!
the only downside is that i haven't quite got the hang of the keyboard yet.
i always liked texting with T9 and now i can't do that.
and who can text on a keyboard while driving a stick shift car?? not me!
guess i'm going to have to learn to not text when i'm driving.

next thing that happened this week is i'm sick...again.
i have this grossy gross tonsil problem and it makes me sick every couple months.
i'm thinking about actually going to the doctor and telling them to cut them out to stop this insanity.
its so not fun being sick over and over again.

that brings me to saturday, the best day!
my big sister's neighborhood had a community garage sale and she told me to bring anything i wanted to get rid of.
matt and i were psyched!
we had 4 big items we were DYING to sell.
a wooden entertainment center, a loveseat sofa, a tv stand and probably the heaviest tv known to man.
it took us for-e-ver to get everything over to my sister's house.
the tv had to be dragged on top of a cardboard box all the way down our stairs, across our living room, out the door and out to the car because it was too heavy to pick up but after making several frustrating trips back and forth we finally got everything over there friday night so they'd be ready to sell early the next morning.
i am happy to report that the ridiculously heavy tv and the entertainment center both sold!
and we ended up giving the couch away for free to one of my sister's neighbors that wanted it.
we didn't make that much money but i'm just so happy to finally be able to pull my car into our garage and not have to worry about if i pulled in far enough so the garage door won't come down on top of my trunk.
it's a great feeling!
and now we can maybe actually organize the garage since we can finally walk around in there!
i love how successful this garage sale was!

so it's been a pretty eventful week but wanna know what the highlight of my week was?
matt singing shania twain in the shower on saturday morning.
no joke.

Monday, April 19, 2010

accident prone

so apparently i am accident prone.
remember when i was stupid and tried to be a pro at yoga and hurt my back?
well now my back was all better...then yesterday came.

it was a beautiful sunday morning, we got to sleep in and matt was going to make me pancakes
(which he never does but i always beg him to do).
he had gone downstairs to start the cooking while i woke up our cute puppy.
i was bringing her little house downstairs when BOOM!
yeah...i fell halfway down the stairs.
matt came to my rescue and helped me down the rest of the way and sat me on the couch with yet another ice pack behind me.
right back to where i was 2 weeks ago.
what is the deal??

i would put a picture up but the baseball sized bruise from the fall has formed mostly on my tooshy and that's not a place you take pictures of.
no way jose.
but it is there.
it is very large and making it very difficult for me to walk, bend, sit and sleep.
and i can't let matt anywhere near me because he always forgets i'm hurt and touches it.
so not cool.

at least my accidents haven't had to do with any broken bones yet.
(knock on wood)
only back issues.
apparently my accident prone-ness is selective.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

walmart vs. every other grocery store

fact: walmart is completely and totally awesome.
fact: it is way better than every other grocery store on earth.
fact: people who say they don't like walmart are lying to try to make themselves sound cooler but they really are secretly in love with it.
fact: matt and i are 100% walmart fans.

last night matt and i tried to do some thifty shopping business.
my big sis told me that fry's usually has some amazing deals and since matt and i have never shopped anywhere but walmart we decided to do a little experiment.
our experiment was to answer this question: is shopping somewhere other than walmart really cheaper?

so we started at fry's.
we bought 20 items all of which were on our shopping list and the total came out to $52.90.
that doesn't sound too bad except for the fact that we had only gotten about half of our list and bought almost all sale items.

next we went to walmart for the other half of our list.
i gotta say, for the most part walmart kicks fry's butt!
at walmart we bought 24 items including at least 7 things that weren't on our list but we wanted anyway and the total came out to $47.97.
now i'm no mathmatician but i do believe that 47 is less than 52.
just saying.

while we shopped at walmart we kept our fry's reciept handy and checked the prices on the stuff we had bought there.
the only thing i'm glad we bought at fry's is pistachios, for some reason they were cheaper there.
but walmart's prices were almost identical on everything else if not cheaper.
bread was cheaper, avocados were cheaper, mayo was cheaper, tortillas were cheaper and the thing i'm most mad about was that we bought alfredo sauce at fry's for 3.39 and at walmart it was like 1.79!
what the heck??
stupid fry's alfredo sauce tricking us into buying it 'cause it's so tasty.

so what did our experiment tell us?
walmart is still the king!
or maybe we need to take some lessons in how to shop sales.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

who needs a hairstylist when you got me?

sometimes matt makes me cut his hair.
i like when he asks me because it makes me feel like a ridiculously cool hair dresser but every single time i get so scared and worried that i'm going to mess it up.
i haven't made any really noticeable mistakes yet but every time i start cutting i think "this is going to be the time".
so i always get about half way and freak out.
this time was no different.

matt sat down on a chair in the shower (we decided that's the best place to cut hair and have easy clean up).
he wanted it shorter than i've ever cut it before which meant using the razor a lot more than i like to.
i started with the razor on the back part of his head and then i got the scissors out to blend it with the top and that's when i panicked.
blending hair is hard!
it doesn't look hard when the real hairstylists do it but oh man it is!
i had a nice freak out moment and told matt i wasn't going to finish but, as always, i sucked it up and cut the rest and everything was fine.

i wish i had taken a before shot of his hair because we could've made a wig with all the hair i cut off!

after matt played with it for a while he decided...

he like it!
i sighed with relief.

i gotta stop doubting my skills because between his scruff and my haircutting talent my man looks dang GOOD!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

best easter treat in the world

we finished another easter treat creation and this one is super duper tasty!
i actually saw this idea on a commercial and told matt that we must do it!

first you make rice krispy treats.
when they are finished you lay them out on a pan to let them harden up so they're really really sticky.

then you start shaping.
first you make an easter bunny, of course!

so cute!!
then i put matt to work making another one.

then we had two bunnies so they can be friends and kiss and stuff! aww!

now you're going to turn the rest of the rice krispy treats into eggs.

when those are all shaped you start melting the chocolate.
we used hershey chocolate bars and set the stove on really really low so it wouldn't burn the chocolate before it melted it.

while that is melting you get a bowl and pour a bunch of sprinkles into it and put it aside for a minute.
when the chocolate is all melted you now get to do the fun part.
take a rice krispy treat egg and dip it in!

then immediately dip it into the sprinkles bowl!

now set the eggs aside to cool off.
we put them upside down in a mini muffin tin and that worked perfectly.
then you repeat the dipping process until you're all out of eggs!

so fun!

if you run out of sprinkles (like we did) just make chocolate eggs.
still just as delicious!

best easter treat ever created!
thanks rice krispies commercial!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

unique easter fun!

matt and i aren't like normal people.
we don't do the traditional things that you're supposed to do around holidays.
easter is a perfect example.
for some reason matt hates coloring eggs for easter.
this will be our 4th easter together and i think i only talked him into coloring eggs with me once and even then he pouted the whole time.
this year i wasn't even going to bother him with it when he told me he wanted to do eggs.
i couldn't believe it!
then he told me he didn't want to color them, he wanted to turn them into little chicks.
yeah i thought it sounded weird too but then he showed me what he meant and i loved the idea!
here's what we did...

first you look up how to perfectly hard boil an egg. we went with this website and it worked wonderfully!
you start out by keeping the eggs at room temp for a while and then you put the eggs in a pan (or pot) and add enough cold water to just cover the eggs.

you cook them on high like that until it starts to boil

when it's boiling you move the pan off the heat and cover it. you leave it like that for 17 minutes.

after 17 minutes you immediately take the eggs out and put them in a bowl of freezing cold water (you can even add ice cubes to it) then you put the bowl in the fridge for 10 minutes.

after those 10 minutes the eggs are complete and you can taste one to make sure that it is perfection!

ours were!

now comes the fun part!
matt found a website that showed him how to do this.
they do it a whole lot better than we did but oh well!
first you start out by peeling a few eggs.
make sure you remember which eggs in the fridge are the hard boiled ones or you'll end up like matt with yolk all over your hand!

after you peel a couple eggs you're going to cut a little zigzag pattern along the white part, try not to go too deep because you don't want to hit the yolk.
then you slowly pull off the top so that one side of the white egg part comes off all nicely.

then you're going to cut up a thin slice of tomato (or red pepper) and give it a scalloped edge.
you're also going to cut up some little carrot slices that look like half moons.

at this point you're supposed to also cut up some olives into little tiny dots but we didn't have olives so we used sprinkles instead.
now some of your eggs are zigzagged and one is peeled and left alone.
now you start putting all the pieces together!

carrots are for beaks, sprinkles (or olives) are for eyes and the tomato slice (or red pepper) is for the mama's comb thingy on her head.

and when you're all done you end up with an adorable little hard boiled egg chicken family!

now tell me this isn't way better than coloring eggs!
if you want to see the original website that taught us how to do this go here!
they did a much better job than we did!

we're going to dare another easter treat creation tonight and it's going to be so much more chocolatey!