Friday, April 2, 2010

yoga = torture

matt and i decided that we are going to start working out together at night time.
we haven't been doing a very good job because watching tv while snuggling on the couch seems like a much better plan than going out and running, right?
well last night we decided to kick our bad habit and do our exercising together.
i've been wanting to do yoga because countless people have told me that if i did some yoga before bed it might help my insomnia and i realized something...
people who say that yoga is relaxing LIE!

i do have to admit that we did the P90X yoga which is probably normal yoga on steroids but still,
you can't breathe and relax while you're bending all crazy and holding yourself up in awkward positions and making your body do things it really REALLY doesn't want to do.
but i guess i need to keep doing it to see if it gets any better.
plus out of an hour and a half video we only made it half an hour.
we got sick of the stand up pose, plank, upward dog, plank, downward dog, back up and again.
it was basically this...
over and over and over and over again.
now tell me, does any of that look normal to you?

after the half hour we gave up on the video and just went for a run.
let me correct that, matt went for a run while i jogged/walked/died of an asthma attack.
oh the joys of exercise.
i can't wait to do it all over again tonight!


Alicia Curtis said...

My husband has P90x - and it is intense! I do like the yoga one, but only after you get past first half hour. The first half our is just boring - but you really do get your heart rate up for that bit. Try skipping the beginning and going to the part where they do all these fun stretching positions. I like that part. I really can't make it through the entire disc, I'm too out of shape.

Also, the dude describing what we're doing bugs me. He just sounds dumb. The first time its helpful, but after that he sounds dumb and I turn off the sounds and turn on my own music.

Way to go for exercising though! I'm working on it...its just still too cold in Utah....

AZ Larsens said...

I wish I had a hidden video camera in your house. I mean not in a creepy place, just in the family room. haha...

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