Sunday, April 4, 2010

best easter treat in the world

we finished another easter treat creation and this one is super duper tasty!
i actually saw this idea on a commercial and told matt that we must do it!

first you make rice krispy treats.
when they are finished you lay them out on a pan to let them harden up so they're really really sticky.

then you start shaping.
first you make an easter bunny, of course!

so cute!!
then i put matt to work making another one.

then we had two bunnies so they can be friends and kiss and stuff! aww!

now you're going to turn the rest of the rice krispy treats into eggs.

when those are all shaped you start melting the chocolate.
we used hershey chocolate bars and set the stove on really really low so it wouldn't burn the chocolate before it melted it.

while that is melting you get a bowl and pour a bunch of sprinkles into it and put it aside for a minute.
when the chocolate is all melted you now get to do the fun part.
take a rice krispy treat egg and dip it in!

then immediately dip it into the sprinkles bowl!

now set the eggs aside to cool off.
we put them upside down in a mini muffin tin and that worked perfectly.
then you repeat the dipping process until you're all out of eggs!

so fun!

if you run out of sprinkles (like we did) just make chocolate eggs.
still just as delicious!

best easter treat ever created!
thanks rice krispies commercial!


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