Saturday, April 17, 2010

walmart vs. every other grocery store

fact: walmart is completely and totally awesome.
fact: it is way better than every other grocery store on earth.
fact: people who say they don't like walmart are lying to try to make themselves sound cooler but they really are secretly in love with it.
fact: matt and i are 100% walmart fans.

last night matt and i tried to do some thifty shopping business.
my big sis told me that fry's usually has some amazing deals and since matt and i have never shopped anywhere but walmart we decided to do a little experiment.
our experiment was to answer this question: is shopping somewhere other than walmart really cheaper?

so we started at fry's.
we bought 20 items all of which were on our shopping list and the total came out to $52.90.
that doesn't sound too bad except for the fact that we had only gotten about half of our list and bought almost all sale items.

next we went to walmart for the other half of our list.
i gotta say, for the most part walmart kicks fry's butt!
at walmart we bought 24 items including at least 7 things that weren't on our list but we wanted anyway and the total came out to $47.97.
now i'm no mathmatician but i do believe that 47 is less than 52.
just saying.

while we shopped at walmart we kept our fry's reciept handy and checked the prices on the stuff we had bought there.
the only thing i'm glad we bought at fry's is pistachios, for some reason they were cheaper there.
but walmart's prices were almost identical on everything else if not cheaper.
bread was cheaper, avocados were cheaper, mayo was cheaper, tortillas were cheaper and the thing i'm most mad about was that we bought alfredo sauce at fry's for 3.39 and at walmart it was like 1.79!
what the heck??
stupid fry's alfredo sauce tricking us into buying it 'cause it's so tasty.

so what did our experiment tell us?
walmart is still the king!
or maybe we need to take some lessons in how to shop sales.


AZ Larsens said...

Oh no...I REALLY need to help you learn how to grocery shop Nikki! You bought Alfredo sauce for that much? No no! You are coming with me next time I grocery shop FOR SURE. The key is to buy things WHEN THEY ARE ON SALE. Not just whenever you want them! You need to stock up on things you like when they are cheap! Did you even use the Fry's card? Also, did you buy meat at Fry's? I guarantee you that would make your total higher than normal b/c meat is expensive in general and there is no way it was cheaper at Wal-Mart!

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