Thursday, March 31, 2011


it's unbelievable that usually during the winter i don't catch a cold but as soon as the weather hits 90 degrees outside here i am sniffling and sneezing all day long.
one of life's little mysteries.
also, i started painting today!
yes, even with my cold.
i am an amazing woman.
our once yellow kitchen is now covered in primer that the man at Lowe's was nice enough to make grey to match our final color!
hopefully Matt likes it when he gets home!
ps. those two little yellow spots are the spots i can't reach so i left them for Matt

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

you know it's spring when...

you know it's spring in AZ when it's so hot that you walk up to your husband with a pair of scissors in your hand and ask him to cut your pants into shorts for you.
it takes me back to a time in high school when i picked up Lucia for A hour and made her cut my pants into shorts.
they always end up being my very favorite pair of shorts.
and now i am happy!

Monday, March 28, 2011

work work work

another busy weekend full of renovations.
my garage is completely covered in sawdust.
my family room has plaster crumblies everywhere.
my counter is full of junk that needed to be out of the way.
and soon there will be tape and brushes and paint buckets all over as well.
this weekend we worked mostly on window treatments.
we're making valances and putting shades up.
and when i say we i really mean Matt.
i try to help but end up being more in the way.
so while Matt was busy sanding and cutting on Saturday night i made him some homemade shepherd's pie.
that's my contribution to this project.
i will be oodles of help this coming weekend though when we paint.
painting is actually something i don't mind doing and something i've done a lot!
i like to get it all done in one day if possible that way it's chaos only for one day.
we might have to stretch ours to one weekend though instead of just one day because we have to prime a few walls before actually painting them.
our house is going to be completely different when this is done and i can't wait!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


this movie combines my two loves: penguins and Jim Carrey
you can't go wrong with that!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

fun fun fun fun

so lately the hubsy and i have been obsessed with making fun of this music video.
basically we can't help ourselves.
it's just so fun fun fun fun to make fun of!
it makes me want to do some partying partying yeah!
i should probably be writing this post on a friday or sunday 'cause it comes afterwards.
oh man, i could do this all day but i'll stop now.
and if you didn't understand anything i just said you NEED to watch this video.

besides making fun of unbelievably talented 14 year olds singers, Matt and i have been trying to exercise and eat healthy.
we wake up early and work out and then keep each other motivated as we starve during the day.
we also went shopping yesterday with coupons *gasp*
my big sister, a.k.a the coupon master, was very proud.
we ended up saving over 10% of our total while we bought mostly things we needed/usually buy.
we even went specifically to Bashas so we could buy Sunny D because it was on sale and i had a coupon and it ended up being only 49 cents!
the lady at the register told me it was an excellent deal and i pretended i was a seasoned couponer and said "yeah i know!"
which was basically a total joke because i had no idea it was going to be that cheap when i went up to the register but i totally fooled that cashier!
now if you'll excuse me i think i'll go drink some of that deliciously cheap Sunny D.

Monday, March 21, 2011

office redo!

this weekend Matt and i had big plans to clean the garage, work some more on our secret project and reorganize our downstairs a little bit.
i thought we would get so much done and i would feel amazing.
instead i had the pleasure of getting incredibly sick to the point where i could hardly move.
i'm still battling the sickness as i type right now but i had to share the one big thing we did get done this weekend that i'm totally psyched about.
see this yucky cluttered dining room area?
it's basically the area where things go when they don't seem to belong anywhere else.
right now you can see the lamps that will soon be re-done to fit in our family room and the pine cones left over from Christmas and the clock that was never hung up and the disco ball that i wish Matt would let me hang up but he won't that's sitting on top of the glass case we can't seem to find the perfect place for.
it's a huge mess and every time i see it it makes me cringe.
so we finally did something about it.
goodbye messy disaster dining room.
hellooooo cute little office space!
i've been really hating having to use our spare bedroom as my office because that's another place where things go to live and make things cluttered and that's definitely not the kind of space you want to spend all day in while you work.
now i'm in a nice open space and i love it!
and today seemed like the perfect day while i typed in my new office area while wearing my snuggie and dino slippers with the windows open to let in the delicious rainy smell and my puppy curled up by my side.
now if i could just get rid of this stomach flu i would be in heaven!

Friday, March 18, 2011

dear patrick's day

saint patty's day is a funny holiday.
but any holiday where you get to dye all your food green is a holiday i like!
for dinner i had planned on making shepherd's pie which is kinda Irish right?
i even planned on dying the mashed potatoes on top green but a couple hours before dinner i realized i was missing some ingredients and didn't have a car to run to the store to get them.
so we had green pancakes instead!
on green plates.
and green Sprite.
in green cups.
with a green straw in mine.
you can't really tell the pancakes are green because they got all toasty on the outside but the inside was green all the way!
and notice Matt is not wearing a green shirt.
he refused.
so this is him showing off his green dinner and also the fact that he will be pinched!
i went for the usual green shirt and went the extra tiny bit by painting my nails green.
no where near how cool my sister is though.
she dresses her kids up in 100% green outfits.
st pattys day nephews
(the nephew on the right likes to refer to St. Patrick's Day as Dear Patrick's Day! so cute!)
and she even dyed her hair green for the day.
st pattys day christy
now that's dedication to a holiday.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

action action

yesterday Matt and i had a very amazing Pi Day!
any excuse i can get to eat pie, i'll take it!
Jordan and Christine invited us over and we ate scrumptious pie and watched Scott Pi-lgrim!
is that a stretch?
well we just really wanted to watch Scott Pilgrim.
i love Pi Day!

then tonight we went and saw Battle LA.
Matt likes talking me into seeing certain movies.
he knows i love me a good action movie so he thought he could slide this one in.
the movie was basically explosion
after explosion
after explosion
with some aliens
but for being an explosion/alien movie i actually thought it wasn't too bad.
i didn't even totally and completely hate Michelle Rodriguez.
battle-la 2
usually i do *cough* Ana Lucia *cough*

the one thing i could've done without though was the shaky camera thing.
that makes me soooo sick and my eyes soooo tired.
why do they insist on making movies like that?
this one definitely wasn't as bad as Cloverfield
(i walked out after the first 20 minutes of Cloverfield and spent the rest of the movie in the theater lobby)
but it was bordering that line of "this is gonna make me puke."

anyway...moral of the story is: i liked the movie and its alienness.
as long as you don't think about plot line and just enjoy the action, it's perfect.
and now we know how to defeat the aliens that are coming August of this year.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sedona weekend

it's spring break time.
it's sad that once you're a grown up spring break loses its amazingness because you still have to work.
luckily we were able to tag along for the weekend on my family's spring break trip to Sedona.
we were only there for one night but it was really great to get away.
sometimes i feel like i'm trapped in our house.
and Matt says that makes me grumpy.
so now i'm all un-grumpified because we got to chill in Sedona for a weekend!
we started our trip off right with one of our new favorite songs.
Lights, Camera, Action!
basically these two awesome guys decided they were gonna make a sweet hip hop song in just eight hours and totally succeeded!
you can watch the whole thing in this video but skip ahead to 6:05 for just the music video.
Matt and i always copy the guy's hand gesture he does during the chorus.
like this...
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 004
that song was definitely number one on our road trip soundtrack!
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 005
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 011
on the way to Sedona we made a stop at Montezuma Well.
it was pretty cool!
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 012
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 014
it's a short little walk around this giant well and all these ruins.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 016
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 020
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 026
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 028
then you walk down to the little creek that flows into the well and it's so beautiful.
and there was a little bridge so we took the opportunity to play a game of Pooh Sticks.
i remember playing Pooh Sticks all the time growing up but Matt had no idea what we were talking about.
he ended up loving it though!
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 030
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 031
Matt decided he was going to jump around on every tree, rock, log he could during this trip.
like this.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 034
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 035
and sometimes he'd convince me to join him.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 036
after our Montezuma stop we ate lunch and continued on our journey.
we walked through downtown Sedona.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 041
then went to eat and went to this amazing view spot where you can see practically the whole town of Sedona.
it was pretty dark by the time we got up there but it was so cool to see the city lights and the mountains!
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 043
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 045
then it was night time. Matt was being ridiculous goofy when we were trying to get to sleep.
apparently all that jumping around on things made him more tired than he realized and he couldn't stop giggling.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 047
the next morning we headed to a park to go on a tiny hike and get some cool pictures.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 053
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 059
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 066
and Matt found some more things to jump around on.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 068
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 070
we just wouldn't be us if we didn't try to get a jumping shot with those awesome rocks in the background.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 077
(i love that Matt's shoe flew off during this too!)
and then the family got one!
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 078
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 082
then Matt decided he was going to try jumping on something else.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 091
see the little rock back a ways in the middle of the water?
he wanted to get on that and before i could argue with him he ran off to try.
when my dad found out his plan he followed him because "someone has to pull him out when he falls in."
he ended up not being able to get to that rock without going for a swim so they got to one a little closer.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 089
the rock in the middle is what Matt was shooting for but they're on one a little left of center hiding behind all those branches.
can you find them?
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 090
this area was really cool with the stream and the rocks in the background.
here's Sari soaking it all in.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 094
Matt jumps on more things.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 095
and finds a way into this crazy tree.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 098
and then makes everyone gang up on me so i'll climb up with him.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 103
he's such a little boy at heart.
i love that about him!

the last thing we did was take a little trip to Jerome.
scariest town ever!
it's literally built on the side of this mountain and you feel like you could just go flying off at any time.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 112
just beyond where Matt is standing is a huge cliff!
there's a lot of cool shops with way expensive art and jewelry which was fun to look at.
and a lot of old run down, destroyed buildings.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 111
those building made me think the city was real safe being all high up on the cliff.
i have no idea why anyone would want to stay there but it's fun just to visit!

so our trip was super fun and much needed!
we're thinking about taking more little weekend trips like this because we had so much fun!