Monday, March 28, 2011

work work work

another busy weekend full of renovations.
my garage is completely covered in sawdust.
my family room has plaster crumblies everywhere.
my counter is full of junk that needed to be out of the way.
and soon there will be tape and brushes and paint buckets all over as well.
this weekend we worked mostly on window treatments.
we're making valances and putting shades up.
and when i say we i really mean Matt.
i try to help but end up being more in the way.
so while Matt was busy sanding and cutting on Saturday night i made him some homemade shepherd's pie.
that's my contribution to this project.
i will be oodles of help this coming weekend though when we paint.
painting is actually something i don't mind doing and something i've done a lot!
i like to get it all done in one day if possible that way it's chaos only for one day.
we might have to stretch ours to one weekend though instead of just one day because we have to prime a few walls before actually painting them.
our house is going to be completely different when this is done and i can't wait!


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