Wednesday, March 2, 2011

baby clothes blanket

another Christmas gift!
this year for Christmas i made my older sister a blanket out of all her kids' baby clothes.
she asked me to help her make it months ago and i stopped being lazy just in time for Christmas.
she helped me cut out all the different pieces.
Christmas 2010 028
we had three different sizes so we could be sure to fit all the cutesy designs on the clothes.
Christmas 2010 039
then we laid everything out exactly how she liked it.
Christmas 2010 030
Christmas 2010 033
i took all those pieces home and spent the next couple days sewing everything together.
and then sewing more of them together when my sister told me she found more outfits she wanted to include in it.
Christmas 2010 045
after getting the clothes all sewn my sister and i went to Joann to pick out the fabric she wanted on the back but after picking it out and getting home i decided the fabric we chose would distract too much from all the cute baby clothes and that just can't happen!
i decided it would be better to go with a solid color so i picked navy blue, one of my sister's favorite colors.
it looked much better with the baby clothes!
Christmas 2010 152
i cut four squares of the navy blue fabric and sewed them together to give them the quilted look like the front and then laid that fabric, the padding and the baby clothes on top of each other so i could start tying the blanket together.
this was definitely the worst/hardest/most painful part.
i doubled up on the padding to make it extra comfy but that also made it extra hard to tie.
i threaded a needle with some navy blue yarn and then pushed that needle down through the top and back up through the bottom to meet up together and be tied.
Christmas 2010 146
Christmas 2010 148
Christmas 2010 149
it sounds so simple but when the blanket is so thick and the needle is killing your fingers and you have to do that 25 times it really becomes a pain in the butt!
i did finish that part though and the last thing i had to do was pin up the sides and sew them together.
Christmas 2010 142
and it was done!
it turned out better than i expected and my sister absolutely loved it!
Christmas 2010 099
Christmas 2010 102
she told me she snuggles with it and it's super warm and comfy!
and she even considers it one of her most treasured items!
before i made this i had no idea i had the ability to make a whole blanket and have it actually come out looking nice!
i mean, i made a blanket for my hubsy our first Christmas together but i made a thousand mistakes on that blanket that i didn't make on this one.
i'm very proud of myself!
and now my hubsy wants me to make him a blanket out of all his high school t-shirts he can't bear to throw away.
i have a feeling i'll be making lots of blankets for people from now on.


Michele McKay said...

I never thought of doing this with baby clothes! Wonderful idea and it came out adorable. Who wouldn't want one?? Too bad my kids are grown... BUT, a great gift idea for a new mom-- I will be sure to tell any I know to save the baby clothes for me and I'll make it a surprise.

Thanks for sharing!

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