Monday, March 21, 2011

office redo!

this weekend Matt and i had big plans to clean the garage, work some more on our secret project and reorganize our downstairs a little bit.
i thought we would get so much done and i would feel amazing.
instead i had the pleasure of getting incredibly sick to the point where i could hardly move.
i'm still battling the sickness as i type right now but i had to share the one big thing we did get done this weekend that i'm totally psyched about.
see this yucky cluttered dining room area?
it's basically the area where things go when they don't seem to belong anywhere else.
right now you can see the lamps that will soon be re-done to fit in our family room and the pine cones left over from Christmas and the clock that was never hung up and the disco ball that i wish Matt would let me hang up but he won't that's sitting on top of the glass case we can't seem to find the perfect place for.
it's a huge mess and every time i see it it makes me cringe.
so we finally did something about it.
goodbye messy disaster dining room.
hellooooo cute little office space!
i've been really hating having to use our spare bedroom as my office because that's another place where things go to live and make things cluttered and that's definitely not the kind of space you want to spend all day in while you work.
now i'm in a nice open space and i love it!
and today seemed like the perfect day while i typed in my new office area while wearing my snuggie and dino slippers with the windows open to let in the delicious rainy smell and my puppy curled up by my side.
now if i could just get rid of this stomach flu i would be in heaven!


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