Saturday, March 5, 2011

birdy coat hanger

when we were closing up our pottery studio there was so much junk we had to sort through and decide if we were gonna sell it, give it away or throw it away.
one of the things we had that i just couldn't make myself get rid of was this old, dirty, yellowing, paint chipped coat hanger that we had all of our aprons hanging on.
it was so ugly but i always thought if we gave it a little TLC it might look pretty awesome.
it looked like this to start with.
not very attractive.

so i busted out my acrylic paints and went to work.

i wanted to hang this guy in our bedroom and the colors in there are blue and dark brown.
it took me a couple coats to cover up all the chipped areas and when it was done i gave it a quick coat of clear gloss spray paint and it was done.
so easy and it looks so much better now!
and i love having our sweaters on a coat hanger instead of all over the dresser/floor/bed/etc.


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