About Me

hi everyone, i'm nikki!
i'm a jeans and tshirt wearing, craft loving, thrift store shopping, sarcastic and fun loving girl!
i've done a lot of stuff in my short little life but at the moment i'm working from home as a transcriptionist and making stuffed animals and little felted creations to sell in my shop!
i love being able to be creative and make things that people love!
Me and Hobbes
i have the best husband in the world! we fell in love and were wed when i was a tiny 18 year old and i've loved every second we've been together!
i'm madly in love with my puppy, padme!
she's the cutest thing to ever walk the earth!
Padme July 2008

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i'm absolutely obsessed with the ocean and hope to someday have a career surrounding it but since i live in the arizona desert at the moment, i watch
shark week and blue planet like my life depends on it!
halloween is the best holiday ever invented and matt and i celebrate it in style!
where the wild things are
Halloween 2010 012
basically if you want to know me...

i love dessert!
i love creating!
i love papasan chairs!
i love hoodies!
i love bouncy balls!
i love classic rock music!
i love christmas lights!
i love chapstick!
i love calvin and hobbes!
i love moccasins!
i love penguins!
i love popcorn!
i love cloudy days!
i love playgrounds!
i love scruffy beards!
i love stuffed animals!
i love 11:11!
i love halloween!
i love singing in the car!
i love tshirts and jeans!
i love shark week!
i love jammies!
i love giving presents!
i love tetris!
i love thrift stores!
i love surprises!
i love seaworld!
i love tv shows!
i love scuba diving!
i love laughing!
i love dinosaurs!
i love roller coasters!
i love the color neon green!
i love kisses!
i love birthdays!
i love 80's music!
i love star wars!
i love mustaches!
i love the mountains!
i love airstream trailers!
i love old school nintendo games!
i love sour gummy worms!
i love animals!
i love going to the movies!

there's so many things to love in this world, i can't name them all!