Thursday, December 5, 2013

pregnancy achievement

as far as pregnancy achievements go, i haven't had too many.
i definitely missed out on that awkward stranger touching my bump or giving me unsolicited advice about my pregnancy achievement. 
i don't know if i should feel grateful or like i missed out on an important right of passage. 
the only people other than Matt that have felt my bump or felt baby move are friends that i force to do it just so i can watch them get creeped out. 
(yeah...all my friends are young and think i'm carrying a parasite inside of me. in a nice way of course!)

so one cares to touch/talk to me but when Matt and i were on our babymoon we were in the elevator at our hotel with a very chatty guy and he looked over at me and then at his watch and said "well, it looks like it's about time for you!" 
i've heard a lot of stories of how prego ladies hate it when people make these kind of comments but i was seriously so excited! i was like "IT IS ALMOST TIME, CRAZY STRANGER! THANK YOU FOR NOTICING!" and then i gave him a mental hug as we left the elevator.
so i may not have unlocked very many pregnancy achievements but at least i have that one! 


AZ Larsens said...

ha! "Achievement unlocked"

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