Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 things

this little ditty is going around the blogosphere and looked like super amounts of fun fun fun!
thanks to Mandy from Harper's Happenings for tagging anyone and everyone who wants to participate meaning ME!


10 random things about me

1. i'm really good at tetris. like pro status.

2. i am a second degree black belt. yeah...i know.

3. i know every word to most disney movies. i even hiked havasupai in high school with a big group of girls and they had me recite the emperor's new groove from start to finish to keep everyone entertained. true story. 

4. if i could have any job it would be working with marine animals. i'd kill to spend my days studying sharks. or living in an igloo and playing with penguins. 

5. brinner is one of my favorite meals ever! a perfect brinner would include french toast or blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon.

6. my perfect day would consist of me and hubsy going to antique/thrift stores all day long.

7. i went to school to be a sign language interpreter.

8. a totally random fear  i have is my fear of mannequins. i'm not even really sure why they freak me out so much. maybe i think they're going to come to life and grab me or something?  i don't even know but i can't walk past them without cringing and maintaining eye contact.

9. my dream vacation right now is to go to alaska and see the northern lights.

10. halloween is the best holiday of all time. the time, money and effort matt and i put into our costumes each year is ridiculous and awesome all at the same time!

questions from Mandy

1. have you ever met someone famous?
i have met Chuck Norris multiple times during my karate days. 
insert joke about how i met Chuck Norris and lived to tell about it.

2. what is your happiest childhood memory?
climbing trees at the park and being a super tomboy with my friend kelci all day, every day.

3. favorite album of all time?
this is way too hard! (that's what she said) 
there's absolutely no way i could pick just one but it would probably be a 80s classic rock type album.

4. are you a salty or sweet lover?
 i could never pick just one but i know matt would say i'm a huge fan of all things salty.

5. what is favorite guilty pleasure tv show or movie?
probably would have to say gilmore girls. i've watched the entire series too many times to be considered healthy and i still can't get enough of that fast talking mother-daughter team.

6. describe your favorite sandwich.
beyond delicious bread filled with oodles of bacon and turkey with some lettuce, tomato and avocado and the perfect amount of mayo. mmmmmmmmm

7. what was your first pet?
we had cats when i was really little but i dont remember them very well so i'm gonna go with our little poodle named itsy bitsy. she was the runt of the litter and she was the cutest and sweetest thing you ever did see!

8. what is your biggest accomplishment thus far in life?
i got married to a stud, bought a house, got a puppy, owned a business. i think i've done some pretty cool things so far.

9. what is the first blog you started reading?
maybe my sister's? i'm not really sure.

10. if you had to choose one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?
brownie sundae with lots and lots of fudge syrup and just oozing with deliciousness. but seriously, one dessert? that would be terrible. i need ALL THE DESSERTS!

for anyone who wants to play along!
write 10 randomly awesome things about yourself and then answer my 10 questions below.

1. what time period do you feel you best relate to?
2. if you were someone else, would you be friends with you?  why or why not?
3. if you could do anything in the world what would it be?
4. what's one food you could eat for the rest of your life and never get sick of?
5. if you could acquire any talent instantly what would it be?
6. what are your top five favorite movies/tv shows?
7. what's your idea of a perfect date?
8. which movie character (not the star playing them) are you most like?
9. do you have a secret or hidden talent most people don't know about? what is it?
10. what would you tell your 16 year old self today?

Friday, February 24, 2012


i wish i could just draw a picture of the woods and climb on in.
more than anything.

the reason

for a reason
i think of myself as a pretty positive person.
i like to find the good in things and be happy and smile and laugh.
but lately it's been pretty difficult.
it seems like one thing after another is going wrong in our lives and we can't seem to catch a break.
it's so frustrating.
if i could only know a little tiny piece of why this is happening or how it's going to get better in the future i would feel so much better.

and because i'm that "have-to-find-the-positive" type of girl, this situation has proved one amazing thing.
Matt and i are totally meant for each other in every single way.
i'm sure awful situations like these are what can tear a couple apart but somehow we've managed to stay strong and i think right now we're closer than ever.
we have this crazy way of being able to comfort and build each other up when one of us is sad and feeling beaten down.
it's like, when Matt is upset all of a sudden i become strong and can take on anything and make him feel better again.
and he does the same for me, much more often.
we never break at the same time, there's always one of us there to pick things up and keep us moving forward.
maybe all couples are like this and i just don't know it but i really think that's something special.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

shop update

i updated my shop this past weekend finallyyyyyy.
i was dying to get rid of all those christmasy pictures on there and finally found the time to do it.
yay me!
ANDDDD...i added two new items!
first, an i heart mustache piece that every single person should own and display proudly.
and second, a mockingjay pin which every single person should own and display proudly when they see the hunger games movie next month!
get yours HERE!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


i have the cutest little sister ever!
i opened my door last night to find this...
candy from sari
she knew Matt and i have been having a rough couple weeks so she surprised us with candy galore!!
she knows exactly how to cheer us up!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

some things

numero uno
i was trying to tell a story to a group of 7 year old kids we teach at church about when my mom was pregnant with my little sister and how badly i wanted her to be named Michelle because of Michelle on Full House.
for some reason that had to do with our lesson and it's a dang good story about how cute and obsessed with family related tv shows i was when i was a child...and now.
so i tell my story and then proceed to try to spark these kids' memories of Full House because every one of them is looking at me with a blank stare and i apparently cannot accept the fact that they've never seen this show before.
i mean, am i really that old?? so old that kids don't even know about tv shows i watched my whole freaking life??
so you can imagine me sitting there saying things like "uncle jesse! you have to know who uncle jesse is! what about joey! and DJ! and stephanie!"
kids today are ridiculous!

numero dos 
matt and i are too awesome for words.
while other people are waiting in ginormous crowds for a seat at some big fancy restaurant on valentine's day we're getting panda express to go and spending the evening snuggling on the couch watching benjamin button.
oh and getting some sub zero ice cream because matt is literally obsessed with it right now!
valentine's day 2012
again...awesome are we.

numero tres
since we're gonna be staying in this house for a while longer we decided to actually try to make our second bedroom an office again.
this means we rearranged some stuff and tried really really hard to get it neat and organized so i'm not working in a mess that causes me to feel stressed and anxious all the time.
i don't think we succeeded.

numero quatro
this is the fortune that was in my fortune cookie last night.
now i'm a little freaked that fortune cookies are totally legit because i definitely needed to hear that.
and it only seems right to stick it on my fridge using my buddha magnets.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


i am the luckiest girl in the world to have you in my life.
you know how to make me smile on my grumpiest days.
and how to bring me back down to earth when i get carried away.
you understand me better than anyone.
i don't even have to speak, you already know what i'm thinking.
you're the reason i get up in the morning.
and the one i always want to snuggle with at night.
you love me even though i'm terribly flawed.
you love me through my sad, my overly excited, and my crazy days.
you tell me i'm beautiful all the time, and then a thousand times more to make sure i hear you. 
and even more than that, you make me feel beautiful.
you're hilarious and the sweetest guy i know. 
and so ridiculously sexy, especially with your scruffy beardsy.
i love you for pushing me to be a stronger person. 
and also for standing with me when i'm feeling weak.
i love your super creative mind and how much it inspires me.
i love your positive attitude and how you remind me that any situation can be turned into a good one.
i love the way your hand fits perfectly in mine.
i love the way you get upset when i tickle you.
i love that you call me every night on your way home from work.
i love how you always want to spend time with me, no matter what we do.
i love that we have matching square smiles.
i love that you think you love me more.
i love that we have the same dreams for our future that aren't a fantasy but a plan.
i love the perfect kisses you give me.
you are my everything.
my perfect match.
my puzzle piece.
puzzle pieces

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self Day was a success!!
amazing food with my amazing husband!
IMG_0096 edit
then...new dress, new sweatshirt, new jeans, new most amazing shirt of my life!
usually i hate skinny jeans but for some reason i actually like this pair.
and so does Matt.
IMG_0117 edit
and the amazing shirt...mustaches and top hats?
IMG_0125 edit
now i wish every day could be Treat Yo Self Day!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

cosmic joke

it's funny how life doesn't turn out the way you think/hope/plan/dream.
by that sentence you're probably thinking this post is going to be super inspiring because i'm going to tell you all about how i wished for something but something else happened instead and it was so much better than what i imagined blah blah blah.
this is not that kind of post.
check back one day next week when i'm back to my "glass is half full" self for one of those posts.
this weekend i'm gonna have a pity party.

(the short version because i'm so sick of this story)
Matt applied for this amazing job across the country in a beautiful state where seasons are real and there's such a color as green. 
we found a renter for our house and had started packing and all was right with the world.
then in a matter of 24 hours we didn't get the job, our renter wasn't able to rent from us anymore and we're back to the same situation we've been dying to get out of since forever.

how did all this happen?
i have no idea. but i don't like it.
you hear that universe? i don't like this big cosmic joke you're playing on us!

i should be saying to myself "self, there will be other jobs. maybe this one just wasn't the one for us. and it's ok that the renter backed out because we weren't going to have to move to another state anymore."
but all positive thoughts are not being heard at the moment.
i've decided we get a day to feel bad for ourselves.
one day of throwing aside our diet and eating all the junk we can get our hands on.
one day of buying things we've always wanted to buy but don't because we just shouldn't.
one day of watching so much tv it'll rot our brains.
you guys know what i'm talking about...a Treat Yo Self Day!

because we need a little silver lining on the crap cloud that is our life right now.