Wednesday, February 15, 2012

some things

numero uno
i was trying to tell a story to a group of 7 year old kids we teach at church about when my mom was pregnant with my little sister and how badly i wanted her to be named Michelle because of Michelle on Full House.
for some reason that had to do with our lesson and it's a dang good story about how cute and obsessed with family related tv shows i was when i was a child...and now.
so i tell my story and then proceed to try to spark these kids' memories of Full House because every one of them is looking at me with a blank stare and i apparently cannot accept the fact that they've never seen this show before.
i mean, am i really that old?? so old that kids don't even know about tv shows i watched my whole freaking life??
so you can imagine me sitting there saying things like "uncle jesse! you have to know who uncle jesse is! what about joey! and DJ! and stephanie!"
kids today are ridiculous!

numero dos 
matt and i are too awesome for words.
while other people are waiting in ginormous crowds for a seat at some big fancy restaurant on valentine's day we're getting panda express to go and spending the evening snuggling on the couch watching benjamin button.
oh and getting some sub zero ice cream because matt is literally obsessed with it right now!
valentine's day 2012
again...awesome are we.

numero tres
since we're gonna be staying in this house for a while longer we decided to actually try to make our second bedroom an office again.
this means we rearranged some stuff and tried really really hard to get it neat and organized so i'm not working in a mess that causes me to feel stressed and anxious all the time.
i don't think we succeeded.

numero quatro
this is the fortune that was in my fortune cookie last night.
now i'm a little freaked that fortune cookies are totally legit because i definitely needed to hear that.
and it only seems right to stick it on my fridge using my buddha magnets.


AZ Larsens said...

Well of course 7 year olds don't know about Full House, there's no way J.J. knows about it! That show has been off the air for years! You're old. (but not as old as me)

nikki said...

you're crazy! reruns of full house are still on every day! it'll never be off the air because it's amazing! same goes for boy meets world and home improvement!

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