Friday, February 24, 2012

the reason

for a reason
i think of myself as a pretty positive person.
i like to find the good in things and be happy and smile and laugh.
but lately it's been pretty difficult.
it seems like one thing after another is going wrong in our lives and we can't seem to catch a break.
it's so frustrating.
if i could only know a little tiny piece of why this is happening or how it's going to get better in the future i would feel so much better.

and because i'm that "have-to-find-the-positive" type of girl, this situation has proved one amazing thing.
Matt and i are totally meant for each other in every single way.
i'm sure awful situations like these are what can tear a couple apart but somehow we've managed to stay strong and i think right now we're closer than ever.
we have this crazy way of being able to comfort and build each other up when one of us is sad and feeling beaten down.
it's like, when Matt is upset all of a sudden i become strong and can take on anything and make him feel better again.
and he does the same for me, much more often.
we never break at the same time, there's always one of us there to pick things up and keep us moving forward.
maybe all couples are like this and i just don't know it but i really think that's something special.


Chase and Amy said...

You guys are pretty special. <3

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