Friday, February 3, 2012

cosmic joke

it's funny how life doesn't turn out the way you think/hope/plan/dream.
by that sentence you're probably thinking this post is going to be super inspiring because i'm going to tell you all about how i wished for something but something else happened instead and it was so much better than what i imagined blah blah blah.
this is not that kind of post.
check back one day next week when i'm back to my "glass is half full" self for one of those posts.
this weekend i'm gonna have a pity party.

(the short version because i'm so sick of this story)
Matt applied for this amazing job across the country in a beautiful state where seasons are real and there's such a color as green. 
we found a renter for our house and had started packing and all was right with the world.
then in a matter of 24 hours we didn't get the job, our renter wasn't able to rent from us anymore and we're back to the same situation we've been dying to get out of since forever.

how did all this happen?
i have no idea. but i don't like it.
you hear that universe? i don't like this big cosmic joke you're playing on us!

i should be saying to myself "self, there will be other jobs. maybe this one just wasn't the one for us. and it's ok that the renter backed out because we weren't going to have to move to another state anymore."
but all positive thoughts are not being heard at the moment.
i've decided we get a day to feel bad for ourselves.
one day of throwing aside our diet and eating all the junk we can get our hands on.
one day of buying things we've always wanted to buy but don't because we just shouldn't.
one day of watching so much tv it'll rot our brains.
you guys know what i'm talking about...a Treat Yo Self Day!

because we need a little silver lining on the crap cloud that is our life right now.


AZ Larsens said...

I should do that and just get my Kindle Fire already.
I love you and I'm sorry about your terrible horrible no good very bad week. :(

Chase and Amy said...

Sorry life is so bad for you. :(

We are here if you ever need anything.

Chase and Amy said...

Sorry life is so bad for you. :(

We are here if you ever need anything.

Anonymous said...


and...come over.

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