Tuesday, January 17, 2012

sad puppy

it's the worst thing in the universe when your baby is sick.
and when i say baby i mean my little Padme baby.
last thursday and friday she was acting really weird.
all tired and her eyes were really glossy/red and she went through most of the day without opening them and when she did she would just squint at everything.
i was immediately worried, like a good mama should be, and starting googling around to see what could possibly be wrong with her.
boy, was that a bad idea.
i started seeing all these scary things about how squinting and glossy eyes can mean she's going blind!
i talked to Matt and told him our pup needs to see a vet because if something really bad is going on i want to stop it before it gets worse.
the vet was so nice and let us come in the same day to get her checked.
she had all these horrible tests done to her eyes and i felt so bad for her.
she let the doctor stick things in her eyes and turn her eyes green (seriously weird).
she was such a champ though! she didn't even try to yank her head away or anything!
she's the best pup ever!
after all the crazy tests we found out she's a very healthy girl (yay!) and she didn't have anything serious but she does have conjuctivitis.
basically her eyes were hurting her a lot so the only thing she could do to make it stop was keep them closed as much as possible.
poor baby!
we were sent home with some eye medicine for her and the vet said she should be better in a few days.
she was so sad all night after the vet.
sick padme
i babied the heck out of her to make up for it though.
now it's been 3 full days of the eye medicine and i think she's doing better.
she'll actually keep her eyes open now and i don't notice as much glossy eye-ness.
her eyes are still a little red but we have to continue the medicine for a while so i'm sure that'll go away soon.
i hated this whole ordeal probably just as much as she did.
i can only imagine what future me is going to be like when i have a real little person to take care of and they get sick.
i'm sure i'll be a wreck!


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