Monday, January 16, 2012

Mustache Party

so it was finner finner chicken dinner's first birthday party on saturday and we were lucky enough to be invited!
it was a mustache themed party!
seriously does it get any cuter than that??
answer: no way jose!
i just can't believe this little guy is already one.
i remember holding him when he was just born and now he's all grown up. 
now back to the amazing party!
picture it guys...mustaches everywhere. mustache inspired food. mustache games. mustache necklaces. 
it was AMAZING!
look at this fancy gentleman.
mustache finn 1
Finn having a blast tearing into his mustache cake.
mustache finn 2
the mustache guests
finn's mustache party
your Aunt Nikki and Uncle Matt LOVE you!!


Vickye said...
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Chase and Amy said...

Yay!!! Finn love you guys too! And so do we! Thanks for coming to his par-tay and for the shout out. :)

P.S. As good as you look with a mustache, I still think you look even awesomer in your mustache sweater Matt made you!

P.P.S. I accidentally posted the first time with my mama's account. Oops.

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