Thursday, January 12, 2012

patience and presents

man, 2012 has been a doozy so far. 
apparently when i asked that 2012 help me grow as a person it didn't want to waste any time.
and it has also decided that my number one strength i need to practice is patience.
which is probably one of the most annoying things to practice ever ever ever ever.
before this i thought i was a relatively patient person.
 i would wait at a restaurant for the waitress to come by without getting upset or wait for my turn on the slide without shoving the other kids.
in my mind that means i'm patient.
but there are so many things going on right now and patience is kinda getting in the way of life and it's making me grumpy and worried and ughhhh.
so here i sit, pretending to be patient while my mind goes berserk thinking about all the things i could be doing if i could just know everything right now.
my level of stress couldn't be higher.
dang you 2012 and your patience-learning ways. 

in other news...
i haven't had a chance to tell the universe about our most amazing late Christmas presents.
the Kindle!!
i was lucky enough to get a large gift card to use on an item of my choosing and this is what i chose!
i'm sure most people will be surprised because i'm more the type to plop myself down in front of the tv rather than pick up a book but i seriously love this thing.
i've already read like 4 books and i've only had it a couple weeks.
i really think it makes me read faster. it has magical powers that can do that ya know.
so now anybody and everybody should give me book recommendations since i'm all smart and bookish now!

and our second amazing present...
iPhone 4s!
Matt has been begging for an iPhone since the day he found out about them and i've been the terrible grinchy wife who wouldn't let him get one.
well now i'm an angel sent from above because i bought him one!
he got the black one and i got the white one and now we're busy iPhoning it up.
we got words with friends going on and everyone should start a game with me!
username: ohNIKKIissocool
and Matt is seriously in love with Siri. so weird.
and we finally joined the world of Instagram.
kindle time. i think Padme likes my new reading self because we get a bunch of cuddle time together.
my favorite picture of Padme ever.
close up
close up of yours truly.

so if you put together our new iPhones and my Kindle you realize that Matt and i have gone up about 20 cool points in just the last couple weeks.
that's right!!

now i'm gonna go try my hardest to continue being patient.
so far my Google reader is testing me because it hasn't been working.
yes i know how lame that sounds but let's be honest, you would be peeved too.


Rachel said...

Yay! Josh and I got iphone 4s's a couple of months ago! (We also are on Instagram and words with friends!) I'll go start a game with you, lol!

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