Wednesday, August 15, 2012

said no one ever

i love you more than shark week

Sunday, August 12, 2012

sh- sh- sh- shark week!

shark week cartoon
it's my very favorite week of the entire year people...
the week that everyone around me has to put up with my endless ramblings of shark facts and obnoxious excitement!
sadly, i wasn't able to make a new shark shirt this year so today i put on an old favorite and, since we don't have cable, i sat myself down to watch some oldies but goodies on netflix.
shark week 2012 (1)
then my brother and his wife were amazingly kind enough to let me commandeer their DVR and watch some of the new episodes that played tonight!
shark week 2012 (2)
i told them i wouldn't be over at their house every single day this week watching more but let's be serious, i probably will!
shark week only comes around once a year, i gotta take advantage!
it's the greatest thing ever right?? 
high fives all around!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

wedding wedding wedding

my baby sister is getting married today!!
i seriously can't believe it!
one day she's this little thing making you play barbies until you're in high school and then the next day she's all grown up and getting married!
i'm so ridiculously happy for her!
sari michael

Friday, August 10, 2012

truer words have never been spoken

always be a narwhal

Monday, August 6, 2012

david tennant in da house!

it's no big secret that i love me some David Tennant.
and i know he's already made an appearance in my shop in feltie form but i felt i needed him in cozy form too.
i present to you the Dr. Who David Tennant Kindle Cozy!
Dr Who David Tennant Kindle Cozy 1
Dr Who David Tennant Kindle Cozy 4
Dr Who David Tennant Kindle Cozy 2
Dr Who David Tennant Kindle Cozy 3
for anyone who doesn't know, the David Tennant doctor wore 3D glasses and killed girls all over the world with his adorableness.
david tennant 3d glasses
seriously, is there anything better?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


hi blog! remember me??
i'm completely slammed with orders right now! it's unbelievable!
so unbelievable, in fact, that i had to lower the hours of my day job so i can have more time for crafting!
living the dream up in hereeee!

i just wanted to take a quick crafting break and share some things with everyone.
first of all, my etsy shop name has changed!
it is now Life Geekery!
as soon as i get ahead on orders i'll be adding new cozy designs to the shop and there might even be a geekery blog full of hi-larious posts from both me and my amazing hubby!
so stay tuned for that!

also, i had sooo many people asking me for the Harry Potter cozy in Nook sizes that i went ahead and made them their very own listing!
Harry Potter Nook 1

and just so you all know i'm still alive and kicking here's some pics to prove it!
puppy staring contest
Padme sometimes lays on my shoulder like this while i'm crafting away so i just had to take a break to have a little staring contest!
sweater in summer
fell in love with this sweater the other day so i bought it!
so what if it's a thousand degrees outside and i won't be able to wear it for months??
i have a thing for sweaters.
i seriously live in the wrong state.

been watching Frozen Planet while i work this week and i am IN LOVE!
seriously my favoritest thing ever ever ever!