Sunday, August 12, 2012

sh- sh- sh- shark week!

shark week cartoon
it's my very favorite week of the entire year people...
the week that everyone around me has to put up with my endless ramblings of shark facts and obnoxious excitement!
sadly, i wasn't able to make a new shark shirt this year so today i put on an old favorite and, since we don't have cable, i sat myself down to watch some oldies but goodies on netflix.
shark week 2012 (1)
then my brother and his wife were amazingly kind enough to let me commandeer their DVR and watch some of the new episodes that played tonight!
shark week 2012 (2)
i told them i wouldn't be over at their house every single day this week watching more but let's be serious, i probably will!
shark week only comes around once a year, i gotta take advantage!
it's the greatest thing ever right?? 
high fives all around!


Trish said...

You know, I always get excited at how excited everyone else is about shark week, but I've NEVER watched any of it. Ever. And I think sharks are pretty awesome too. And I have cable. What's wrong with me?

Anonymous said...

Bahaha! I love the last pic!

nikki said...

trish- you must fix your not-watching-shark-week ways! RIGHT NOW! i highly suggest watching the new episode called Impossible Shot!

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