Wednesday, August 1, 2012


hi blog! remember me??
i'm completely slammed with orders right now! it's unbelievable!
so unbelievable, in fact, that i had to lower the hours of my day job so i can have more time for crafting!
living the dream up in hereeee!

i just wanted to take a quick crafting break and share some things with everyone.
first of all, my etsy shop name has changed!
it is now Life Geekery!
as soon as i get ahead on orders i'll be adding new cozy designs to the shop and there might even be a geekery blog full of hi-larious posts from both me and my amazing hubby!
so stay tuned for that!

also, i had sooo many people asking me for the Harry Potter cozy in Nook sizes that i went ahead and made them their very own listing!
Harry Potter Nook 1

and just so you all know i'm still alive and kicking here's some pics to prove it!
puppy staring contest
Padme sometimes lays on my shoulder like this while i'm crafting away so i just had to take a break to have a little staring contest!
sweater in summer
fell in love with this sweater the other day so i bought it!
so what if it's a thousand degrees outside and i won't be able to wear it for months??
i have a thing for sweaters.
i seriously live in the wrong state.

been watching Frozen Planet while i work this week and i am IN LOVE!
seriously my favoritest thing ever ever ever!


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