Thursday, January 17, 2013


tonight we pretended we knew how to take pictures.


tsunami rock
ocean view
plant sunset
depth of field tsunami rock

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back to School

so the first week of school was...all sorts of things.
rough, exciting, overwhelming, dramatic
let's bullet point this shall we?

- i'm not at MCC anymore. it's also been a loooong time since i've been to school. i feel stupid ALL THE TIME! i know it's only been one week and i'll get back in the game soon enough but man, can't that just automatically happen??

- making new friends is super awkward and weird. 

- it only seems to rain when i'm walking/bike riding to and from school. FYI sitting in class while completely drenched is very unpleasant.
rain soaked
found this little gem on amazon and while i believe it would keep me nice and dry (and incredibly popular) i didn't buy it.
bike poncho

- my feet are so sad here. i have blisters on my heels, sides of my feet, in between my toes.
i can hardly walk, guys. it's a problem. 
foot blister

- i'm at school all day until about 2 PM and i haven't quite figured out how to eat lunch yet so i'm starvingggg every day! 
i should probably go to the grocery store and buy some more snackies but i'm also afraid of the grocery store and its prices. 
i was explaining to my sister that we tried buying a broom this week and found out it cost $12 for the broom and another $12 for the dustpan. we agreed that any broom that costs $24 should do all the work for you! agreed??
anyway, i'm hungry.

- please don't hate me for saying this but...i haven't become used to hearing the waves during the night. i'm not a very good sleeper and when you add stormy, super loud waves to the situation it just makes things worse.
i'm so sleepy!
noisy waves

- i really miss my puppy
sleep padme

now on to the good things!

- the view from across the street is unbelievable!
panoramic 2

- we finally set foot on the beach!
matt on beach

- i'm getting way better at riding my bike! 
i named my little bike Lorelai because every time i ride it i feel like Lorelai Gilmore the day her Jeep died and she had to ride her bike everywhere.
the similarities are uncanny.

- we went to Giovanni's Shrimp Truck and had some of the best shrimp i have ever EVER had!
matt giovanni's
giovannis shrimp
it was totally worth the 3 mile bike ride there and 3 miles back!
i can't wait to go again!

so to sum things up, Hawaii is a huge adjustment for me. 
i went from sitting at home all day every day for the past 3 years to having to do all these crazy new scary things!
but all in all, i'm super happy here! i'm super happy to study something that i love in a place that i love!
and i can't wait to do more crazy new scary things every day! 
Firefly Shirt

Friday, January 11, 2013

that one time...

panoramic 2
i moved to hawaii 

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Life

we have officially lived in Hawaii for one whole week and i still can't even believe it.
pictures to prove it!
AZ Airport
 bye bye AZ
heel clicks
heel clicks for making it to our new home
time change
time change woes
humidity hair
intro to humidity hair
food heavennn
the point
the front yard
the backyard

our only form of transportation now
curly hair
trying to embrace the curly humidity hair that gets worse every day
First Hawaii Sunrise
first Hawaii sunrise not completely covered by clouds and rain
kitchen view
cooking never seemed so awesome
Matt on Point
Matt saying "how do i climb down there?"
my life now.

today, i successfully woke up around 5:30 AM, got ready, rode my bike to school in the rain and went to class soaking wet.
great start to a great semester!