Sunday, November 11, 2012

Six Years!

today i celebrate 6 whole years with my hubsy!!
he's the best thing that's ever happened to me and every day i can't believe how lucky i am!

Monday, November 5, 2012

jumbled sickness

and today marks day 4 of being sick sick sick.
apparently my body thinks it's super boring to be sick the same way for 4 days straight so it keeps jumbling everything around.

Day 1:  asthma attack city! can't breathe can't breathe oh my freaking gosh i can't breathe.
Day 2:  still can't breathe and have the worst sore throat in the history of sore throats.  went to urgent care where they made me wait 3 hours and i almost passed out from NO AIR!
Day 3:  super bad fever and more sore throat-ness.  at least i could finally breathe.
Day 4:  runniest of noses and biggest of heads.

thanks for trying to make being sick interesting little body but seriously this has to stop!
you now have 4 days to be entirely over this before Anniversary Weekend is upon us.
consider yourself warned.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

You can't take the sky from me

the king and queen of Halloween are back!
like i said before, this year was pretty low key for us because of our busy busy schedules but i proudly present to you...

Captain Malcolm Reynolds and Jayne Cobb!
Captain Tight Pants

big thanks to Amy, Chase and little Finners for being such amazing photographers!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

a post from Matt

3 yr old Nikki
"I found Nikki asleep at 8:30 wearing her Jayne hat and a glow in the dark bracelet.  
Am I married to a 3 year old?"

video of a year

this video is amazing and now Matt and i really really REALLY want to do this for our first year in Hawaii!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

heart attack

when's the worst time to lose your purse at the mall?
if your answer was "when you just cashed a check and your purse has $500 in it" you are correct!
yeah...that seriously happened to me today.
luckily i did some mad, crazy person running and made it back to the store i was just in and found it untouched!
seriously the closest i've come to having a heart attack.
and also the closest i've come to shoplifting.
i was in another store holding a shirt when i realized i didn't have my purse and didn't even think when i started to mad, crazy person run out of the store with it.
don't worry, Matt was smart enough to notice and took it back for me.
no wonder I hate going to the mall, only bad things happen there!

so besides that little ordeal, today was a pretty awesome day!
Matt and i went thrifting for our Halloween costumes and hit the jackpot!
usually it takes us forever to find what we need but the thrifting Gods were on our side today and we found almost everything!
it probably helped that our costumes are much more low key this time.
we don't have the time for any huge extravagant costume making because of the shop and moving and all but i still love what we decided on!
here's a little sneak peek!
Jayne Sneak Peek

Friday, September 21, 2012

yay, a goat!

best bad lip reading ever!

Monday, September 17, 2012

new new

three brand new kindle cozies are now listed on Life Geekery!

Dr Who Matt Smith Kindle Cozy
Frodo Kindle Cozy
Firefly Jayne Kindle Cozy


so...remember how i'm moving to hawaii?
yeah...i'm moving to hawaii.
i really don't get tired of saying that, ever!
in fact, matt and i will just randomly look at each other and say "hawaii?"
ok but seriously i guess i should tell everyone why we're going.
ya know shark week?
ya know how i looooove it more than any other week out of the year?
well one day you will be able to turn on shark week and see MY face!
or at least that's the dream.
i'd also consider being a shark diver in hawaii any day of the week, working for an aquarium possibly as that weirdo that's diving in the large tank and answering kids' questions or...a lottery winner, obviously.

but seriously, i'm going to school at BYU Hawaii for marine biology which means i will be able to learn about oceany things while seriously living on the beach.
it's going to be unbelievable!
there's obviously a lot of  stressful things going on right now with trying to make preparations to move and start school and everything but i have gotten one very important thing out of the way already, where we're gonna live.
i found this perfectly quirky and great place that offers everything we wanted, will let our little pup live there and has views to make all of our friends and family ridiculously jealous.
like this is my front and back yard...
jealousy to the max amiright??

the absolute hardest part of this moving process so far is getting little puppy Padme ready for the journey.
hawaii is seriously ridiculous about bringing pets into the state.
they've never had rabies there so they make you prove a thousand times over in crazy insane ways that your pet is healthy enough for island living.
and if you don't do every single little thing right they make your pet stay in quarantine for 120 DAYS! 
do you know what my little antisocial dog would do if she had to stay in a quarantine facility for 120 days??
probably commit puppy suicide or something.
and do you know what i would do without her for 120 days??
probably commit people suicide or something.
so we're being extra careful to make sure she can make the trip and move into her new home with zero problems.

it seems like every day i think of something else we have to do before we move and it's ridiculously stressful but luckily i have matt around to remind me of what's really important...
24, you are definitely not letting me down.
i knew you were going to be my year.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ewok Mania

so Ewok Cozies have been selling like crrrrazy lately.
like to the point where i'm sitting here thinking, hmm i wonder what the heck is going on in the world that ewoks are suddenly hot hot news.
(and apparently only internationally because all these orders are coming from outside the U.S.)
then one of my customers gave me the answer.
excuse me while i do a couple flying jump kicks and a happy dance to some 80s music because i think that's amazingly cool!

and in honor of the Ewok Cozy becoming famous on Australian Yahoo we listed an iPad version!
he's extra adorable because he looks extra chubby!
i love that!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

who's got two thumbs and is moving to Hawaii??


don't believe me?
well here's my fo realz face.

i can't wait to hang out with the locals.
we obviously fit right in.

our trip to Oceanside via instagram

IMG_1294IMG_1296IMG_1299night beachmormon-battallionIMG_1321IMG_1329IMG_1359sunsetIMG_1380moonsan-clementeIMG_1400IMG_1411IMG_1418IMG_1422

1.  we stayed up 24 hours straight to finish all the etsy orders before we left for Cali so we're sporting our zombieeee faces
 2.  gas station treasures
3.  first view of ocean
4.  blurry night time walks on the beach
5.  being totally legit with our no smiling faces at the mormon battalion
6.  blue water seafood market and grill always and forever has our hearts...and our tummies
7.  sand crabs EVERYWHERE!  they love my little toesies.
8.  Matt bought me a shark tooth bracelet on the pier!  i guess he thinks i like sharks or something.
9.  sunset!  no filter on this pic fo realzzz
10.  Matt is ridiculously excited for sonny's pizza!
11.  oh hello moon!!  also, no filter.  beachy pics are amazing!
12.  took a trip down memory lane with Matt's family at the San Clemente campground they used to go to
13.  Matt is obsessed with this candid shot
14.  look who woke up early to find beach treasures with me!
15.  the place we stayed was amazing!  not only was it RIGHT on the beach but the grounds looked like you're walking around paradise and they even had a koi pond!  we fed them and i picked out my favorite.  his name was Gizmo and i wanted to steal him.
16.   rest stop sign demanded i enjoy i shall

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

said no one ever

i love you more than shark week

Sunday, August 12, 2012

sh- sh- sh- shark week!

shark week cartoon
it's my very favorite week of the entire year people...
the week that everyone around me has to put up with my endless ramblings of shark facts and obnoxious excitement!
sadly, i wasn't able to make a new shark shirt this year so today i put on an old favorite and, since we don't have cable, i sat myself down to watch some oldies but goodies on netflix.
shark week 2012 (1)
then my brother and his wife were amazingly kind enough to let me commandeer their DVR and watch some of the new episodes that played tonight!
shark week 2012 (2)
i told them i wouldn't be over at their house every single day this week watching more but let's be serious, i probably will!
shark week only comes around once a year, i gotta take advantage!
it's the greatest thing ever right?? 
high fives all around!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

wedding wedding wedding

my baby sister is getting married today!!
i seriously can't believe it!
one day she's this little thing making you play barbies until you're in high school and then the next day she's all grown up and getting married!
i'm so ridiculously happy for her!
sari michael

Friday, August 10, 2012

truer words have never been spoken

always be a narwhal

Monday, August 6, 2012

david tennant in da house!

it's no big secret that i love me some David Tennant.
and i know he's already made an appearance in my shop in feltie form but i felt i needed him in cozy form too.
i present to you the Dr. Who David Tennant Kindle Cozy!
Dr Who David Tennant Kindle Cozy 1
Dr Who David Tennant Kindle Cozy 4
Dr Who David Tennant Kindle Cozy 2
Dr Who David Tennant Kindle Cozy 3
for anyone who doesn't know, the David Tennant doctor wore 3D glasses and killed girls all over the world with his adorableness.
david tennant 3d glasses
seriously, is there anything better?