Saturday, September 22, 2012

heart attack

when's the worst time to lose your purse at the mall?
if your answer was "when you just cashed a check and your purse has $500 in it" you are correct!
yeah...that seriously happened to me today.
luckily i did some mad, crazy person running and made it back to the store i was just in and found it untouched!
seriously the closest i've come to having a heart attack.
and also the closest i've come to shoplifting.
i was in another store holding a shirt when i realized i didn't have my purse and didn't even think when i started to mad, crazy person run out of the store with it.
don't worry, Matt was smart enough to notice and took it back for me.
no wonder I hate going to the mall, only bad things happen there!

so besides that little ordeal, today was a pretty awesome day!
Matt and i went thrifting for our Halloween costumes and hit the jackpot!
usually it takes us forever to find what we need but the thrifting Gods were on our side today and we found almost everything!
it probably helped that our costumes are much more low key this time.
we don't have the time for any huge extravagant costume making because of the shop and moving and all but i still love what we decided on!
here's a little sneak peek!
Jayne Sneak Peek


AZ Larsens said...

AUGH! I forgot you were going to come over yesterday and get that thing! We decided last minute to take the kids to the zoo.

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