Monday, September 17, 2012


so...remember how i'm moving to hawaii?
yeah...i'm moving to hawaii.
i really don't get tired of saying that, ever!
in fact, matt and i will just randomly look at each other and say "hawaii?"
ok but seriously i guess i should tell everyone why we're going.
ya know shark week?
ya know how i looooove it more than any other week out of the year?
well one day you will be able to turn on shark week and see MY face!
or at least that's the dream.
i'd also consider being a shark diver in hawaii any day of the week, working for an aquarium possibly as that weirdo that's diving in the large tank and answering kids' questions or...a lottery winner, obviously.

but seriously, i'm going to school at BYU Hawaii for marine biology which means i will be able to learn about oceany things while seriously living on the beach.
it's going to be unbelievable!
there's obviously a lot of  stressful things going on right now with trying to make preparations to move and start school and everything but i have gotten one very important thing out of the way already, where we're gonna live.
i found this perfectly quirky and great place that offers everything we wanted, will let our little pup live there and has views to make all of our friends and family ridiculously jealous.
like this is my front and back yard...
jealousy to the max amiright??

the absolute hardest part of this moving process so far is getting little puppy Padme ready for the journey.
hawaii is seriously ridiculous about bringing pets into the state.
they've never had rabies there so they make you prove a thousand times over in crazy insane ways that your pet is healthy enough for island living.
and if you don't do every single little thing right they make your pet stay in quarantine for 120 DAYS! 
do you know what my little antisocial dog would do if she had to stay in a quarantine facility for 120 days??
probably commit puppy suicide or something.
and do you know what i would do without her for 120 days??
probably commit people suicide or something.
so we're being extra careful to make sure she can make the trip and move into her new home with zero problems.

it seems like every day i think of something else we have to do before we move and it's ridiculously stressful but luckily i have matt around to remind me of what's really important...
24, you are definitely not letting me down.
i knew you were going to be my year.


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