Thursday, September 6, 2012

our trip to Oceanside via instagram

IMG_1294IMG_1296IMG_1299night beachmormon-battallionIMG_1321IMG_1329IMG_1359sunsetIMG_1380moonsan-clementeIMG_1400IMG_1411IMG_1418IMG_1422

1.  we stayed up 24 hours straight to finish all the etsy orders before we left for Cali so we're sporting our zombieeee faces
 2.  gas station treasures
3.  first view of ocean
4.  blurry night time walks on the beach
5.  being totally legit with our no smiling faces at the mormon battalion
6.  blue water seafood market and grill always and forever has our hearts...and our tummies
7.  sand crabs EVERYWHERE!  they love my little toesies.
8.  Matt bought me a shark tooth bracelet on the pier!  i guess he thinks i like sharks or something.
9.  sunset!  no filter on this pic fo realzzz
10.  Matt is ridiculously excited for sonny's pizza!
11.  oh hello moon!!  also, no filter.  beachy pics are amazing!
12.  took a trip down memory lane with Matt's family at the San Clemente campground they used to go to
13.  Matt is obsessed with this candid shot
14.  look who woke up early to find beach treasures with me!
15.  the place we stayed was amazing!  not only was it RIGHT on the beach but the grounds looked like you're walking around paradise and they even had a koi pond!  we fed them and i picked out my favorite.  his name was Gizmo and i wanted to steal him.
16.   rest stop sign demanded i enjoy i shall


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Cool you were in my neck of the woods!

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