Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Finn

this week is a big week for friends.
Amy and Chase had their baby last night!
and he is ridiculous adorable!
this is the picture i received letting me know he was born.
ya know usually newborns are kinda funny looking for a couple weeks but not Finn.
he's already got the cutest little face and amazing hair!
you can just tell he's gonna be a heart throb someday.
Matt and i went to the hospital to see him tonight and he loved us!
or we loved him!
either way!
Baby Finn 002
Baby Finn 003
Baby Finn 005
look at that precious little yawn!
ah he's so cute i could just take a bite out of him!
I can't wait to watch this little rascal grow up!


Alicia Curtis said...

Holy cow, that is a ton of hair!!! And he's sooooo so very cute!!! I can't wait to meet my little boy!

Chase and Amy said...

Finn DOES love you guys!! And he's been really grumpy lately wondering when his Uncle Matt and Aunt Nikki are going to come visit him and bite his little cheeks. :)

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