Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mason Christmas

we had Christmas lunch at the Mason household this year and boy was it taaaasty!
ham and turkey and green bean casserole and potatoes and rolls.
ya know, all the good stuff!
then we played around a whole bunch.
our nephews Kegan and McKay were hilarious that day!
their mom made them the cutest jammie pants and capes and they were going crazy running around the backyard in them!
Super Kegan off to save the day!
they got giant football helmets for Christmas which were awesome!
and Matt got this ridiculously adorable picture of the three nephews with them!
just in time too.
then we took a Christmas day picture.
probably not the best idea to stuff your face full of Christmas food and then take the picture with chubby tummies but oh well.
and of course you have to have the silly picture.
we got the present every kid dreams of, cash, so there's no pictures of present giving.
the only people that opened presents were the nieces and nephews but Matt was in charge of the camera and didn't get any pictures of that.
but i made all the nieces and nephews pencil cases like this one.
Christmas 2010 095
the boys got this star pattern and the girls got a brown with blue polka dot one.
we filled the cases with markers and gave them coloring books too.
hopefully they like them!

and after all the food and the crazy and the pictures and the presents a bunch of us sat down and played Apples to Apples.
i had never played this game before but man, it's fun!
Matt and i totally suck at it but i still want to go and buy it now.
after a couple hours of playing it was time to go home because we were sleeeeeeepy after all the Christmas excitement.


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