Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wamsley Christmas

round 2 of Christmas fun!
we did the Wamsley Christmas on the 26th which was kinda awesome because it made it seem like Christmas lasted longer than usual.
while waiting for dinner to be ready i took a bunch of pictures of everybody.
Steven and Chelsa helping with dinner.
Christmas 2010 057
Samuel being a creepy cowboy.
Christmas 2010 052
Matt being a cutie.
Christmas 2010 050
Josh watching football.
Christmas 2010 061
Trey and Samantha playing video games.
Christmas 2010 053
Samuel rocking in the rocking chair.
Christmas 2010 054
Abby talking on the phone.
Christmas 2010 068
trying to get all the kids in a picture together before Samuel runs away.
Christmas 2010 045
it doesn't work so Mom tries to hold him there and chaos occurs.
Christmas 2010 046
that picture is going on the Christmas card next year!

after dinner we went to do presents!
there was a lot of opening of gifts at the Wamsley house because we do a gift exchange.
we tried to open presents in an orderly fashion but that doesn't work when you have 5 little kids running around.
somewhere in all the excitement i got a few decent pictures.
Christmas 2010 076
Christmas 2010 083
Christmas 2010 089
Christmas 2010 090
Christmas 2010 112
Christmas 2010 167
Christmas 2010 153
Christmas 2010 129
Christmas 2010 125
Christmas 2010 173
Christmas 2010 109
dad doing his job, cleaning up wrapping paper.
Christmas 2010 169
i had Christy in the gift exchange and not to toot my own horn or anything but her present was the bomb!
first she got cute little bottles filled with what she considers to be the elixir of life and she posed with them awkwardly.
Christmas 2010 093
then i got her a little manger scene since she collects them and this one you can paint yourself or have me and Matt paint it for you.
Christmas 2010 095
but the main present was the best!
i worked on it all December and i was very proud of my work.
Christmas 2010 096
a quilt made of all her kids' baby clothes!
Christmas 2010 099
it was love at first sight.
Christmas 2010 102
mom got a super sweet gift from Amanda and Derek.
ninja bread!
they're ninja cookie cutters!
Christmas 2010 138
i must get these!

dad's gift from me and Matt.
box full of fancy candy and popcorn.
Christmas 2010 143
my parents usually give each family a big gift and this year our gift was luggage.
Christmas 2010 166
every time Matt and i have been on a trip we've had to borrow my parents' luggage so i think this present was mostly for us.
it's even a cool one that comes with four pieces for all your traveling needs!

and i was really happy to see my nieces and nephews loved their pencil cases!
Christmas 2010 121
that made slaving over them totally worth it!
but they didn't love the pencil cases as much as they loved the ZuZu pets!
they played with them for so long!
and Samuel is totally freaking out the entire time!

maybe next year we should just plan on having the Wamsley Christmas the day after.
it makes it so much more fun!


AZ Larsens said...

HAHA!! Except...I thought Matt made me that blanket? Hmm...

nikki said...

oh yes, silly me. Matt did have you in the gift exchange and did make you that blanket!

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