Thursday, January 6, 2011

snow day

last thursday, December 30th, Mesa, AZ got snow.
unbelievable right?
this only happens once every katrillion years.
so why aren't i happy about it?
because i was practically the only person in the valley not to see it!!
very depressing.
but i have been loving the chilly winter.
we never turn our heater on in the winter because we want to soak up as much of the cold as we can and this year there's a lot of cold being soaked up.
we actually have need for our slippers, snuggies and electric blanket.
and all this cold is really making me wish we lived somewhere else where the cold wasn't only going to last another couple weeks before the 100 degree weather returns.
don't know if that'll ever happen but a girl can dream.


Alicia Curtis said...

Please move to Utah. It stays cold here until May. I want to live in Arizona where it doesn't stay cold very long and most of the time its nice and warm.

nikki said...

want to trade?? you'll be warm by february!

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