Monday, January 3, 2011

Mason family talent show

i have so many Christmas posts to catch up on it's embarrassing!
but i do have a good excuse.
Matt and i took our first week off in a year.
we were able to snag the best vacation days too!
Christmas Eve through New Years Day.
best. vacation time. ever.
so i slacked off majorly and didn't write any posts because i was far too busy staying up all night, sleeping in until noon, eating junk food and watching all the tv shows i never get to watch.
all with my hubsy.
it was heaven.
but now that i have to get back to reality (sad face) i better play catch up on here.

first things first...
i never posted about the Mason family talent show!
i was originally waiting for Matt to edit the videos so let's go ahead and just blame him for this.
our talent was the best. no surprise there.
don't believe me?
see for yourself.
Matt came up to me a couple days before and told me he had the best idea in the world for our talent.
Matt: "i'm going to eat 12 krispy kreme donuts in 2 minutes."
Me: "ok let's see how that works out for ya."
as you saw, not very well.
Matt only got 3 down in those 2 minutes which his nephews were happy about because they got to eat the leftovers.
Matt says Matt-dini will be performing this same trick next year and it'll go much better because he'll be training for it.
can't wait for that.

Kim and the parents also had a great talent.
they learned the thriller dance!
which was actually what Matt and i were going to do last year before we remembered that takes time and talent,
both things we don't have.
Kim had those moves down though!
watch out world, she's the next Michael Jackson.
that video is soon to come.
again, blame Matt.


AZ Larsens said...

ONLY 3?!?! I think even I could do that! Very disappointing Matt-dini...I expect better things from you next year!

Anonymous said...

Reasons why this video rocks:

1. "Matt-dini"
b. the soundtrack. Epic.
Finally. the fact that this took place in a Relief Society room somewhere.



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