Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas cookie disaster

making Christmas cookies wasn't a tradition i remember doing as a kid so now that i'm all grown up i want to do it every year.
Matt and i picked out a recipe and got out our cool cookie cutters that haven't been used yet and got to baking!

the rolling out the dough and cookie cutting is obviously the best part.

we followed the instructions exactly but our cute little cookie night soon turned into a cookie disaster night.

the cut outs wouldn't come loose!
it was very sad.
somehow we were able to salvage a few though.
and some Matt just pieced together on his own so they have broken legs and stuff.

we ended up just making whatever we wanted with the dough since it wasn't working anyway.
here's the penguin Matt made for me!

and here's the candy cane i made for him!

obviously i'm the better cookie sculptor in the family.
so we had a pretty big cookie disaster night which could've been saved if the cookies were tasty but they were not.
instead of tasting like delicious sugar cookies they tasted like giant animal crackers.
oh well, better luck next time!

i actually made a different sugar cookie recipe a few days later without all the excitement of the cookie cutters and they were much much better!
we'll know to use that recipe for next year instead of the animal cracker one.


AZ Larsens said...

I have tips for you for sugar cookie making. Roll the dough out between 2 sheets of wax paper and refrigerate at least an hour. Then peel back the wax paper and you can immediately start cutting. The dough will be stiff and easy to get onto the cookie sheet. Also, make sure you roll out the dough SUPER thick. Like, 1/4 inch! Trust me. I am the cookie expert. :)

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