Wednesday, December 22, 2010

viva las vegas!

through most of my growing up years we had the most amazing star on the top of our Christmas tree.
most people have ones that just have one color or don't even light up at all which is sooooo boring.
our star was far from boring!
it was the most unique and crazy star you've ever seen and it had a bunch of settings which were all psycho and totally made it look like it belonged in Las Vegas.
so we called it the Las Vegas star. and we love it dearly.
everyone except Mom that is.
after all the years of loving this star one year it magically disappeared.
Mom said it broke but i think she secretly threw it away because she was sick of how tacky it was.
hello?! that's the beauty of the Las Vegas star Mom!!
so many invisible tears were shed over the loss of our beloved star and since then i've actually had several conversations with my siblings about how we wish we could find somewhere that sells a star just like it.
well last Saturday, i found that store and it is called Goodwill.
Matt and i were searching for ugly sweaters for an ugly sweater Christmas party and we were just walking through the clothes when i saw this star out of the corner of my eye.
i thought to myself "no way jose is this THE Las Vegas star."
so i carried it around with me until i found a plug and then Matt thought i went crazy because i got so excited!
in all it's wonderful, spazzy, seizure inducing glory!
check it out!

now i bet you're all wishing you had one.
too bad, so sad!
oh and the best part about my find is actually the price.
$1.00! that's right!
the Las Vegas star lives again and it only cost me a buck.
it's a Christmas miracle!


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