Tuesday, December 14, 2010

tree decorating

Matt and i are those people that really love Christmas decorations.
we love lights and Christmas trees and ornaments and santa plates and reindeer figurines and, of course, penguins!
we were dying to put our Christmas tree up this year and almost put it up in November because we just couldn't wait.
but then life happened and we got too busy so we ended up decorating our tree the first weekend of December like normal people do.

this year we decided instead of moving everything around in our house to fit our big big tree we'd just put out the small one we had at our pottery store.
it fits much better and i love it even though it's wobbly and not as beautiful as our other tree.
and i love it even though it's not pre-lit and we had to deal with light trouble this year.
i got all dizzy stringing lights around this little tree and when i was finished we plugged them in and half of them didn't work.
so i found some other lights but the strand was way too small.
gr again.
so we had to run to Walgreens to get the right size. thank goodness for Walgreens right?
i made Matt get dizzy putting the lights on this time and he did such a spectacular job!

cute little tree with our ghetto fake snow type tree skirt since i haven't been able to find our nice tree skirt since our first Christmas together.

now on go the ornaments.
we like to decorate our tree the way everyone should, in our jammies.
don't judge.

my Grandma Wamsley is totally amazing and every year for Christmas she would send us a couple ornaments so i have boxes and boxes full!
this is my favorite one.
he's a little baker holding a trey of reindeer cookies that she gave me when i was 2.
isn't he just too cute?

Matt said this is his favorite ornament.
it's one i made at our pottery store and it's a chubby penguin in a santa suit.
Matt likes to imitate the chubby penguin.

so this is our little family Christmas 2010!


AZ Larsens said...

Aw, that is just too precious!

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