Thursday, December 16, 2010

cloudy smelly good day

here i am, awake at the crack of dawn to try to finish my work so i can finish sewing presents before i'm rushing away to another Christmas party.
we literally have a party every single night up through Christmas and even a couple after.
i feel stressed and exhausted and it really is true that there are not enough hours in the day.
but today, i woke up to this.
this picture obviously doesn't do this gorgeous cloudy sky justice but i took it with my phone so i'll blame it on that.
i super love cloudy/rainy days.
they make everything better.
waking up to see this makes me feel like i can make it through this day and actually get some things done.
i love that!

i also woke up this morning to the greatest smell in the world!
apparently Matt's new body wash is extra fragrant so now i wake up to the smell of MAN!

it's going to be a good day!


Alicia Curtis said...

What is he using and where can i get some? Being pregnant has made my sense of smell super sensitive - things that don't usually smell at all I can smell from the other room - I literally walk around holding a bottle of Febreze just in case. So, what is he using?

nikki said...

he's always used Old Spice body washes and they all smell good but he bought Old Spice Swagger this time and i love it! we just bought it at Walmart so it's not fancy or anything haha!

AZ Larsens said...

Matt's got SWAGGER!

I can't stop laughing at "the smell of MAN"! haha!

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