Friday, December 24, 2010

ugly christmas sweaters are my new favorite

so the rest of our seriously busy week went like this...
Sunday: Mason family dinner
Monday: Mason family talent show
Tuesday: Mason sibling dinner
Wednesday: ugly sweater party

pics and videos are definitely coming from the Mason family talent show.
we seriously blew everyone away with our talent this year!
but something that needs to be shown off even more right now are our ugly sweaters for our ugly sweater party.
we searched everywhere for those sweaters you see old ladies walking around with covered in lights and embroidery but that place must only appear when you turn age 60.
we went to the next best thing- thrift stores.
a special thank you to DI for not letting us down.

Matt's sweater was unbelievably ugsome!
ugly and awesome!
i think he looks like the cutest old man i've ever seen in this.

i went with the classic 90s puffy paint look myself.
scary santa made "pretty" with gold puffy paint drawn around everything!
i love it so much in fact i'm wearing it right now.
no joke.
it's quite cozy and obviously festive so why wouldn't i rock it every chance i get??

i think i'll be on the hunt for ugly Christmas sweaters every year now!


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