Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i love the 80s!

so on Saturday Matt and i went a wandering around TJMaxx.
we love that store.
and i found the sweetest 80s style sweatshirt!
it was love at first sight.
and you know it's love at first sight when you try it on and then have to take pictures of it in the dresser room.
complete with funny faces.
CIMG0247 edit
and you can't really tell in those pictures because of the amazingness of the hooded sweatshirt but i gots my hairs cut.
Haircut 6
Matt and i were crazy to think i'd look good with longer hair.
i look and feel like myself again!
so moral of the story...
80s sweatshirt + short hair = happy Nikki!


Chase and Amy said...

Bah!! I love your hair! It looks awwwwesome. :)

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